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Blane Vs Duckie

Blane Vs Duckie  

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Whilst watching pretty in pink, my house mate mischa who had never seen it before started a fight wit me over blane vs duckie.


She stated while blane was unattactive and not at all interesting, he was much better then duckie, slamming him as uncultures, creepy and boardering of stalker like behaviour (which seems to be a trend in 80's films)


I on the other hand wished they had gone with the alternative ending whith andy ending up with duckie, not only was he completely wack and offering to inpregnate girls, he also put up with all the shit that girl did (i even want to bitch slap her) and to be honestly true I dont pay too much attention to either, im too busy trying not to want to rape the screen whenever james spader is on...... but i still vote duckie


fuck the rich man, go the duck man..... less likely to to want to bash my head in a wall due to boredom.


**I am well aware of my sometime shocking taste in movies, however due to being dropped on my head several times as a young child and again at 14, I suffere moments where I spasm and my arms just grab whatever is in grabbing in distance and unfortunately they tend to be john huges films, it is a medical condition, fuck you, and fuck your medical qualifications..... fuckers...... heh**

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