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Spy Kids 2 Review

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*Semi-spoilers from new movie and original ahead*


Well, I saw this one last night (I decided to take in a double feature after watching Signs). This sequel reminded me of the Austin Powers sequel. It definitely had a bigger scope. There was more of everything the first had. Kinda. The first one had alot of charm from Juni and Carmen being thrown into the whole Spy thing, and beign really clueless about it. This one didn't have that. Juni and Carmen are very experienced at this point, almost cynically so. But wher eit lacked in that department, it made up with a new angle, the rivalry within the OSS. Lots of the old cast returned (everyone but Robert Patrick, Teri Hatcher and George Clooney if my memory serves me correctly), and plenty of new characters. Steve Buscemi was pretty cool, but definitely not used to his potential. I recommend this if you saw and liked the first one (those to go hand in hand generally), and if this one appeals to you. If the commercials and trailers have been a turn-off, it might not be for you. Anyone else seen it yet.


PS Don't see this without seeing the first one. The movie will seem real dumb without the background of the first.

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