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Transformers Armada, New Cn Series

Reverend Jax

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Ok, I saw this new series right after I saw the new He-Man episode. This series, unlike He-Man I had not heard anything about. Looks alright. Wasn't as much into Transformers as I was into He-Man, but this series looks pretty cool. More as soon as I see more episodes. Check out showtimes at Transformers Armada Showtimes


Unfortunately, the first episode wouldn't be playing again for a while. Hopefully it will be circulating around Kazaa, WinMX and iMesh.

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I've seen the 1st episode. From what i could tell, its an alternate reality timeline of the transformers universe. the characters are bigger bolder and a bit heavy looking. quite busy but hey htats the look they are going for, all out crazy anime poster style. the story seems capable of sustaining the series. 2 dislikes, the pathetic mouthing of the characters, hell ive seen japanese dubs with better coordination, and 2: the dialogue is crap. even the original cheesy dialogue was more memorable. too much pretty pictures and a bunch of reject actors for voice overs.....


but other than that.. :D i kinda liked it

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