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I went to see this one today because I was bored out of my mind and wanted something entertaining to kill the next couple of hours. Figured I'd post my review so that my 6 dollars where not completely in vein. This one's about a prison with a pretty elaborate boxing program. The prison has it's champion (Snipes) and the actual heavyweight champion of the world (Rhames) just got sent to the same prison for raping a girl. (They make a pretty obvious parrallel to Tyson with him). The inevitably have to fight, so it's the underdog champ of the prison vs the big champ of the earth. They throw in a subplot of a mobster in the prison setting it up so that the two can fight to fill in the full 90 minutes of screentime.


It was an alright movie, but they couldnt even get the underdog movie formula down right. They spend 90% of the screentime on "the iceman" (Rhames, the world champ), and almost no time on who I'm led to beleive is the protagonist. I get the impression that they were trying to make it so that neither of them was the "good guy" or "bad guy" but I dont think it worked. They got me sympathising with the Iceman a bit, but then they just play him up as the bad guy again, and I never find out much about snipes. So, by the time of the big fight, I dont really care who wins, and I dont know who I'm rooting for. I kinda like the iceman more, but I know that the movie wants me to like Snipes. I thought the fight would make up for it, and while it was the best part of the movie, it was kind of dissapointing, all that build up to a fairly short, standard, no frills fight.


I wouldn't say that Undisputed was a bad movie, I mean, it kept me interested enough for an hour and a half, but it was in no way a good movie... it was just a movie... for whatever that's worth.

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