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  1. I dunno if y'all use this for PS4 as well, but here ya go, my PSN is: JunkerSeed540 Just joined the Hondos community thingy. When I'm not playing Fallout I've got ROcket League and Destiny that I play on the onlines. Bloodborne real soon as well.
  2. Holy shit, for a second I thought you meant there was a Scud port (from the Sega Saturn) on X-box live. Then I realized no one is trying to speedrun Scud on the Saturn.
  3. Cloud nothings has really killed it with their last couple of albums. Super catchy stuff that does just enough with the pop punk/indie rock formula to keep my attention. Their 22 minute release with Wavves is a good summer listen.
  4. Saw The Tribe last week. It's a Ukrainian movie about a kid who is sent to a boarding school for the deaf, joins a gang there and enters a life of crime. It's entirely in sign language and has no subtitles, so it's essentially shot and produced so that it functions as a silent movie. The "no subtitles" bit is kind of a gimmick (you wouldn't do that shit if it was just in a different spoken language) but it is expertly directed. There are incredible long takes with really well choreographed movement between the characters, actors, extras, etc. It looks incredible and some scenes are reall
  5. Was wondering if anyone around these parts has gotten a chance to check this out. I had a lot of fun with this and found it to be a huge breath of fresh air even compared to other indie games. Her story presents you with some police interview tapes of a woman who may or may not be a suspect in a crime. You interact with the game by typing search terms into the database of video clips. All of the clips have been transcribed so you are essentially searching based on words that this woman may have said. As you listen to her speak, you learn information that you can use to come up with new
  6. Ha! I got a kick out of this. I hope Chief Keef listens to Lorde.
  7. I know this ain't exactly something y'all don't know about but HOLY SHIT. I can't listen to anything but the new Kendrick album. Just instrumentally, the first two tracks had me falling out of my goddamned seat at work when I first heard them I loved good kid maad city but I thought that the production was pretty tame, i.e. much whatever was popular at the time plus some 90's Dre influence. The production of this thing is insane. All the thundercat stuff is bonkers, there's really good jazz all over the place. Even the version of "i" is waaaaaaaaaaay better as a live recording or fake li
  8. I also was a little underwhelmed. I thought the performances were good and it was pretty decent for a bit, but didn't entirely hit for me. I thought it the look of it was a little too obvious and Tim Burton-y and the third act is fairly predictable. I also hate that the creature has to do a very generic fast-motion head twitch thing and just scream at the camera. I thought this movie had a good grip on the idea that things are a lot creepier when they are seen out of the corner of your eye, suggested, glanced at, etc. and then it ruins it in the whole last half by having this thing just
  9. The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst is a new HBO miniseries directed by Andrew Jarecki, who previously made Capturing the Freidmans; a documentary that uncovered the dirty secrets of a seemingly normal family, and proved rather undeniably that the world is a dark and horrible place. Similarly uplifting, The Jinx opens with a dismembered body found in a lake in Galveston Texas and an old man with a bow saw in his trunk who turns out to be an heir to a multi-million dollar New York real estate fortune. Questions abound, not least of which being; where did he put the head? I'm 5 e
  10. They did this one called H.A.R.D.C.O.R.P.S. that was dumb as all hell but kind of fun. They were this generic tactical squad that could call in to HQ to switch superpowers when they needed to. They could each only use one power at a time so they would have to be a bit strategic. They found lots of ways for them to get stuck with a certain set of powers and have to use them creatively as well. Fun-ish; also violent as hell. I believe all Valiant comics were pretty gory, actually.
  11. I think this OP rules and you hit tons of really good points that I couldn't agree with more. This makes me wonder about the recent trend of indie open world games, sandbox games and other games with no real end or with randomized elements. This has so far been a pretty clever and comparatively cheap way to give us games with hundreds of hours in them. Like anything else, sometimes it hits and sometimes it doesn't, but when it hits.... holy fuck. Kerbal Space Program has more potential meaningful hours of gameplay in it than even something like Dragon Age because you can't "plat" it or
  12. If anyone hasn't played Thomas is Alone yet, it's good for a couple of hours of puzzly platforming with personality. Steam key: TCIQ8-J8GPP-9W6AH
  13. Rarrrrr, steam sale! I need to write up some of these on here soon, but until then, Rogue Legacy is fucking AWESOME. Play it!
  14. Just a word of warning (aside from all the imo legit reasons not to see it that folks have been bringing up i.e. fuck that guy, he doesn't just have shit opinions but he had an active role in campaigning against human rights), but this thing was directed by the cinematic pussy fart that is Gavin Hood, the man who made the abysmal and schmaltzy Tsotsi and the unforgivable X-men Origins: Wolverine. In some ways these films are more atrocious hate crimes than anything Card has ever done.
  15. Ya, he's pretty ridiculous, but unless you hold rotten tomatoes as some kind of sacred institution, he's harmless, and I think fun to read. The New York Press is a tiny, alternative paper that has a lot of weird shit in it; he's not exactly hurting anyone's box office. He's also actually really well versed in films. It wouldn't be as fun if it was just some bro dude laying into our favorite Pixar movies. He also writes a fair amount for criterion, and that stuff is good, and free of any ridiculousness.
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