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  1. plus 1 & 2 getting switch ports today! so awesome, just need to see travis get an amiibo already
  2. LL put me onto gondry years ago, was reading through a thread of their music video work & had to share em here
  3. Green Lantern HBO Max Series Characters Revealed noticably absent are hal, stewart & the goat kyle, presumably being saved for an upcoming movie? or later season i guess? hyped either way!
  4. tribue to andre 3000 guest verses and of course one of the finest
  5. was put onto some newer rock (says it's psych?), kinda scratches that toro y moi itch for me. digging this.
  6. okay yeah, basic skin works fine - discord is giving me shit logging in, but maybe that's firefox & VPN/plugins speed's okay for me though? hard to tell, maybe my connection's kinda butt so much that i don't really notice
  7. https://tmsanime.com/news/tms-and-gkids-announces-english-dub-cast-for-lupin-iii-the-first always down for more lupin!
  8. damn. i mean, we're basically only using one skin these days, yeah? what happens if we just go back to the default one? i know we'd lose the social media links, but they're not a big deal, honestly. is it mostly about the discord? i can't even get at the forums, just the most recent stuff up top.
  9. invision stays fussing about updates and then making the board run like buttcheeks i'd totally say we ditch them again if it wasn't all the other booty forum softwares that we've lost stuff on much love as always stills
  10. yeah, solid price - sony's still being coy about theirs at the moment. i got nothing against the subwoofer design too, i like funky hardware. my question will just be if their studios make more things i wanna play; ive had at least a shelf and a half of OG xbox & 360 games so far, but last gen i passed (so far, maybe when it's cheap!) because i can scarcely come up with 5 or so games i'd really wanna play. i hope that changes next gen.
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