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  1. i know autotune is his thing, but the man doesn't need it one bit while we're at it
  2. The NZA

    E3 2021

    all that and Shantae too...can't believe ZAMN/Ghoul Patrol are seeing SNES releases too. LRG winning E3 so far.
  3. The NZA

    E3 2021

    so e3 recap so far
  4. The NZA

    E3 2021

    just finished the capcom stream
  5. David Lynch to Write/Direct New Netflix Original Series - What's on Netflix David Lynch will be working with Netflix on a brand new TV series according to a production listing from ProductionWeekly. Details are scarce at the moment but here’s what we know so far. David Lynch... not twin peaks season 4, but still sounds promising
  6. imagine being more (racist) worried about the abstract of death, than say, the need for desire to be non-binary
  7. Jenna Coleman To Play Johanna Constantine In Netflix’s Sandman
  8. Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous | Netflix Official Site Six teens invited to attend a state-of-the-art adventure camp on Isla Nublar must band together to survive when the dinosaurs break out of captivity. www.netflix.com anyone seen this? i'm reading that its not bad despite the younger audience its targeting, and people get eaten so it's got my attention
  9. damn, did we not have a thread for this? search is always crap so maybe i just missed it anyone else playing this? i borrowed space cowboy's PS5 copy, just took down the first main baddie (you know which one) and i'm still early on but it's a mixed bag so far - the demos really give you most of the first act. the lycanthropic bad guys are interesting & the angles they use to sneak up on you when exploring the doomed village helps, you can tell they're trying to channel RE4-but-different vibes pretty much from the title. you don't get much more time in the obligatory mansion
  10. today i learned spidey & mj had rona in the 90s
  11. The NZA

    E3 2021

    it's happening again, too late to stop it any leaks/expected titles you're hyped for? i figure we might as well get the real show-stopper out of the way in the first post
  12. yeah, damn. they looked like they were doing the right thing for a moment there too, didn't they? should've known what if we put you as turbo zombie since you lost that group? or something else?
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