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  1. I watched this recently when Amazon prime had it in 4k. It's amazing how good it looks. Ridley Scott and his production teams are amazing (blade runner). In the extras I think they mentioned using take out containers for the ship's hallways. That ending sounds borderline campy. Glad they didn't do that!
  2. Funny ad, watching the behind the scenes show the homelander actor seems so different. Like more quiet and reserved and thoughtful.
  3. The building where she works looks just like mine and she works in accounting! 30,000 yen is $300 and she had given as a gift and at her level, that hurts a lot (20-30k)
  4. Keith, so close according to google. I think any comic book buff will figure it out, of course coming to me after watching a few YouTube videos. Episode 5 in my opinion was a bit weak but they made up for it in 6. Btw the one who plays the part is really good.
  5. spoiler I think asking at this point is sort of a spoiler because it's established at the beginning it's the three timekeepers. At the end of episode 4 I thought it would be clever to make it Mobius. But after 5, where he is driving that pizza car, not so sure anymore. I do think it would be someone in the show so far so everything is wrapped up for us.
  6. In my humble opinion... This is the best marvel series. The trailer makes it look like a philosophical show but it's more about character and the interesting story within the setting they have created with charm and humor. Yes there are some plot holes but only the pickiest of viewers will worry since it's so much fun. Like the god of mischief, expect twists. So watch it before they get spoiled for you. Hope they keep up this quality till the end.
  7. Special thanks, Chris for working with me when I needed a hand with digital sharing and for adding most of the recent movies like joker, onward and spiderman. Hope we all can keep things going. If anyone wants to add to the collection with your movie codes, send me a pm and I can add them to the account.
  8. Is Hondo's where I saw Zack Morris is trash for the first time?
  9. So she's on a few playlists here... Ok I guess till she comes out with a catchy pop tune, my pounce is ready. Oh and btw a great song to test out speakers or headphones is Alabama shakes don't Wanna fight
  10. It's kind of like post Malone, how they get really popular real fast, sometimes with pop or a little weird like the bad girl song. But they are both taking home Grammys so they aren't only chart toppers. I never got post till I saw an interview with him on Jimmy Fallon and that changed my mind. Still don't get the Billie craze (yet I guess)
  11. Travis for sure didn't want to be Dead but an accident is far from the malice Carol has.
  12. I'm halfway through this. Granted I was warned above that this had a lot in it, it was originally in the true crime thread. I would have liked to see more police and court stuff. This show plays out like a tabloid, full of twists and turns. It's so unreal you thought you were in some movie gone wrong. But then, you realize it's real and it has such a redneck vibe to it. Axels hit it on the head, you're dealing with two unlikable characters - actually no likable characters... I'm thinking the lawyer and doc is the only half interesting characters here. It's the train wreck you just can't
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