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  1. I'm about 18 minutes into it and I'm starting to think I just don't like Metroid games
  2. I'm 100% expecting this game to go down how Warcraft III: Reforged did. Just....just an awful mess
  3. As a side note, I love your profile picture. Wish they had finished that comic I'm am now obligated to show off some recent Persona related pickups
  4. Hopefully this will lead to (and I know this isn't a perfect solution, by any means, nor will it even be possible for a great # of games) a number of accessibility mods for just this reason. Just a wishlist thing for me so more people can enjoy it.
  5. Who am I kidding, the first thing I'm going to do is try to 100% P4G
  6. Looking forward to this, even though I've only clocked ~1 hr into SMTIII - surely my cumulative 220+ hrs in Persona grants me something here.
  7. Heard a rumor about this a few months ago when it was still called the "Steam Pal" and just thought it was one of those Valve projects that was tossed around and wasn't really going anywhere. The announcement absolutely blindsided me, and I got my reservation on one yesterday. This thing is going to be the ultimate backlog clearer / emulation powerhouse for me
  8. Update: Really like my $500 Persona machine
  9. Ooooooooh, the banner at the top is red now. Well I'm not doing the update this time.
  10. Secured mine earlier today and it should be here Sunday. Aside from my Switch, my last new console was a PS2, and even that was a few years after it came out, I believe. This is certainly the first time I've gotten a console within a couple months of launch. Hell, aside from the Switch my most recent console was an Xbox 360
  11. Other issues popped up tonight, had to get ahold of tech support. They fixed it within hours. Icons are back, things seem faster, you can actually see the front page when you're not logged it. I'll check out working on themes whenever I get done with some stuff in the next couple weeks.
  12. I think it's just the initial load that sucks for me. If it's still working for you guys I'm not going to tinker too much, so I don't break anything
  13. Default one is the one I'm on and everything (aside from the god damn icons) is here. Discord's on there (when it's working), even the message up top is there. It just looks like butt. I have no idea why everything got so slow all of a sudden - that has nothing to do with the themes. Edit: I would switch your theme to IPS default. Edit edit: I would say "fuck it" as far as the themes go. The biggest issue for me is the speed.
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