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  1. Sorry, I can't hear you over A Pirate I Was Meant To Be
  2. I will say that I'm glad we've gotten some really interesting stuff from the ashes of Mother. So at least not everything was lost.
  3. Yeah, that's what I was referencing. It'll be here eventually
  4. Nice! I have yet to play very far into strikers (the damn audio mixing bugs me). I do have all those things I listed (well, the P5 vinyl is on preorder but it's coming). I don't have a Joker mask, but I have a little Joker plush that my wife got me for Christmas 2020. Actually, I have a buncha Persona merch, jeez. I spend too much money
  5. See, I played P4G on Steam, and my biggest gripe was the lack of a quick resume (which is a platform thing, not a game thing). One more day before bed? HERE'S 40 MINUTES OF EXPOSITION THAT WE DIDN'T WARN YOU ABOUT AND YOU DIDN'T SAVE BEFORE. Made P5R a freaking breeze to play
  6. Are you "I own the P5 and P5R soundtracks on vinyl" too into it? Are you "I waited 8 fucking months for a morgana plush preorder" too into it? lol, are you "I have a lvl 99 drain Yoshitsune build" too into it? I'm not gatekeeping, lol, I just wanna know if someone else has it as bad
  7. Haven't played FES yet. One way or the other, I'm saving it for the Steam Deck (I have a physical copy so it doesn't count as piracy). Haven't even touched the first two yet, but I'm also waiting for the fan translation, so....it might be a bit. Didn't stop me from buying the vinyl box set. Also, an 8 hour playlist?! That's my new work jams
  8. Wow this thread is uh, full of some bad Persona takes. Also, I thought there was more Persona news god damn it. I bought the fucking Ultamax port the day it was announced. A used game shop right around the corner has a couple copies of P3P for $200 and I know as soon as I pull the trigger, they're finally going to announce the long-rumored Steam port. I'm literally planning on playing P4G again the minute I get my Steam Deck. Also, I need to change my flair to "P5R Is the only game I've platinumed" Also also, I'm in deep. I just remembered I boug
  9. Don't worry about it, it's handled.
  10. Fine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzEBH6DZJVk
  11. Yeah, but it's a crime to replace Cab fuckin Calloway's rendition of St. James Infirmary
  12. Okay, I did the thing. Fuckin' loved it. Meta as shit almost immediately. Probably not the movie to watch two weeks after your wife dies. Scream-cried all the way home. Still a really good movie in my book.
  13. Ah, yes, the big empty levels I remember from my childhood...?
  14. I identify as Retsuko. Also a couple seasons behind, but just sayin'
  15. Welp, it's been an awful week, but I got in on the Persona soundtrack boxset preorder, so that's a win
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