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  1. Considering Moore wrote that book like there wasn't going to be a country left at the end, I'm bloody fascinated at what a post-event America looks like with it's no term limits and weird relationship with fiction. Do we know how modern though? Because there's thirty years between Issue 12 and now.
  2. I always get lost in the meta-complaints but I feel like any environment populated by humans, dealing with the event at the end of IW(ya never know who you're spoiling for), not only would the Catholic Church be calling it the Rapture but they would be financing the rebuild I guarantee. When we see Scott again it would have been cool to see a bunch of death cults and whatnow(kinda like Y: The Last Man). Great balance of levity, action and feels though. Feels great to pretend I share my physique with a Hemsworth.
  3. I stuck through V & From Hell because there was a cinematic frame of reference but don't pretend to fully appreciate them as intended. Miracle Man and Swamp thing are on a list of must reads along with titles like Arkham Asylum, the Invisibles, Doom Patrol, etc. Indecision and lack of time are to blame.
  4. UA2 left a bad taste in my mouth because of it's lazy Civil War bait and switch. This I'm pretty pumped for though. Look at that cell shading!
  5. @The NZA Supergod was an Ellis trilogy of trades published through Black Avatar I wanna say? I just know they were a pain in the arse to get and two of mine are gone. Basically another brutal take on Kingdom Come. I've been wanting to read the Morrison Supergod for a while for the way he explains magic in the conjuring sense and how it interacts with his writing. I mean they're both Maniacs but I've read more of Morrison because the dude writes for the big guys. Aside from Watchmen, Top 10 and Tom Strong, anything else Moore has done has lost me part way in.
  6. It's his material, the donglover thing? It wouldn't be the awkward you're expecting but it would get in the way of my gushing. Obvious reason for San Fran is that some of Eddie Brock's most important moments happened there, at least a couple of the mini series and certainly the games!
  7. Two outliers tethered to big franchises: Venom & Solo. Both were charming to me for weirdly the same reason: They both reeked of the 90's. Venom had to be set in San Fran for obvious reasons but the scenery and backdrop took me straight back to the Vs Spiderman & Separation Anxiety SNES games, and certainly the buddy-cop tone and additional characters support this feel. That cameo at the end was great, but so damned arbitrarily inserted. Solo pulled in hallmarks of 90's expanded universe lore. There's reference to Teras Kasi, Sabacc and probably ple
  8. Great response in thread. Am I supposed to follow you to social media for your response? I haven't seen the venom movie yet so can't comment on how it stacks against the X men movies(which I've loved).
  9. Apologies if this has come up but here's another alarming headline for you. The message is PG brings in a significantly wider audience and therefore more $$ regardless of quality. The demand has clearly been there since the influx of underaged attendees to Logan and DP1 screenings, and with that being said I love the idea of being able to take my godson to see this(little dude loves his Marvel). It's a blatant cashgrab with a reacharound, at least.
  10. We're gonna need a showcase of these names plz. It can wait until the sketches are done though because I'm more excited for those!. On the other end of the spectrum, I can't tell you how much I love saving time by not being hassled to name everything I catch! Fun story re; Go- I made the mistake of whipping out my switch on the bus the other day and had like an entire class of school aged kids converge on me and asking about the switch and the pokemon I'd caught and trying to trade me stuff with Go. It was hilarious and terrifying all at once. An
  11. I dug season 4 but agree with your complaints re pacing @haku. There's already a very tangible connection between the two shows and and it's Nacho. I went back and rewatched BB a while ago and refer you to one of the first conversations the fellas have with one Saul Goodman Esq.
  12. Admin- any chance of putting a 'Lets' in the title to carry momentum? Also why the fuck is no-one talking about Pokemon Let's Go? It's far-and-away the best remake of the original games to date! Original 150 no stupid touch screen gimmicks(mixing potions and bullshit i mean) there are tweaks that just make it better IMO. Biggest & best change for my money is that you can now level up your party while catching to your heart's content. I'm not really experienced with Pokemon Go but am told this is the mechanic from that game. Also I
  13. Awf that's sad and inexcusable. Sony's not exactly hurting for money and while I'm not sure of the comparison pricepoint there in the US, for reference the NES & SNES minis are AU$100 and the Classic is $AU150. For that considerable mark-up I'd expect at minimum the same care in presentation as Nintendo's offerings.
  14. Current season of House of Cards contains the following(spoiler free) * rawdogging Kevin Spacey/Frank Underwood at every chance(cut him out of the recap as much as editorially possible too) *The most meaningful dialogue I've seen post #metoo, about the expectation moving forward- the whole season is very meta and aware of it's precarious position as a popular work with a very troubled protagonist *Honestly it borders on a Tarantino--style revenge pic for #metoo and is fantastic. Best part is, the show has followed a trajectory laid out fro
  15. That whole season was outstanding. For some reason about halfway through I got it in my head we were going to see Echo(Maya Lopez)'s dad turn up somewhere as an easter egg. Maybe I heard the Name Willie Lincoln in there somewhere? In hindsight Echo would have been a great replacement for Elektra in Season 2.
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