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  1. What a horrible night to have a curse
  2. My son's watching it and what I've seen it's pretty solid, not amazing but not bad for what amounts to YA Jurassic Park.
  3. So they added lensflare, fog, and cranked the brightness up a bunch so the image looks washed out and they want me to believe that that version looks better?
  4. I look forward to buying it when they've fixed all the bugs and released the better version and actually has some games.
  5. It pleases me that Tony Oliver is now canonically the English-language voice of Lupin.
  6. Apple Podcast only took a couple days, Google took their sweet time, Spotify and Stitcher were less than a day.
  7. If you need help getting on Apple Podcasts or any of that junk I can be of some assistance.
  8. The good news is it could be about anything, the bad news is that it could be about anything.
  9. A fucking dinosaur did a take to camera and grinned like Ferris Bueller, I'll not hear your Fallen Kingdon slander.
  10. The question is, if they get to it, how do they make Simon not suck?
  11. So did Grant ever show up or does he continue to be "Sir Not Appearing in This Show?"
  12. Half Man, Half Hawk, Half Alien, 1/3 Archaeologist, 1/5 Ancient Egyptian Prince, 1/63 spy, 1/8 Angel for a bit in the 2000s, -1/10 zombie, mostly cop. It's really quite simple.
  13. It works pretty well, reminded me of Monster Trucks but with a much better lead and villain. Jim Carrey was indeed great, his dance scene and the punchline on it worked really well. Loved the Sanic reference and the throwing shade at Mario.
  14. Someday somebody's NDA is going to be null and we're going to get a fucking drum full of tea on what the fuck happened to Valve between 2007 and 2019. If that guy who told the ending to Half-Life 2 is any indication there are a lot of sore feelings over it.
  15. It's got some issues but most of the backlash has to do with the perceived feud between Abrams and Johnson and claims that it undercuts the emotional and thematic beats established in the last movie (it doesn't). It had to cap off not just this trilogy but the two trilogies prior and skirt around the fact that they've got all of 8 minutes of unused footage of Carrie Fisher to use to tie off her story. They throw a lot at the screen but it fleshes out the universe a lot, builds relationships and character dynamics and pays off Johnson's "anyone can be a hero" coda in a b
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