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  1. I just got my job back, so hopefully I can add more soon! I snagged a 1917 code and put it somewhere...
  2. Oh man you're about to hit the best part of the game. It's a campy, goofy ride for sure. I think it works as a great spiritual successor to RE4 also, personally I loved it.
  3. Yeah, Game Informer pulled the same shit I think. Turbo Zombie works! I always dug that one haha.
  4. So any chance I can get this "I trust IGN" offa mine? It was funny for at first, but recent events make me look like a fasch apologist or something. "Fuck IGN" is more appropriate I'd say.
  5. They're in style now apparently! Post some more, I don't know many outside of the tik tok one and ones from Black Flag.
  6. Mike Patton singing the theme is perfect too. This looks fucking awesome.
  7. Started watching this and its so fucking good. It's a Cyberpunk anime following a group of criminals (Akudama) as they reluctantly group up to take on a job. Heavily inspired by Tarantino, with some Cowboy Bebop vibes, but with an overarching storyline. I'm getting to the end and it feels like its gonna be a one and done anime, which I'm ok with. It's paced so well and just a blast to watch. Don't sit on this. I was gonna throw this in my lil review thread, but it deserves it's own.
  8. Bringing back all the hits. Sadly Blingee is no longer operational. I've had to resort to other means.
  9. How come when I'm on my phone and logging in I have to do a verification thing, but on my computer I don't? It's a pain when I happen to get logged out. And glitched to where it automatically reloads from the verification box back to home, so I'm still logged in. Was also thinking that if I'm dealing with that, then maybe others who are trying to log in from there phone are too. And that's why there aren't as many people online? Just a thought.
  10. Hellhouse LLC is a surprisingly solid and creepy found footage movie. It's come across my recommendations numerous times, and I finally caved and watched it. Lots of great, spooky ghosty stuff and a nice lack of jumpscares. Definitely worth watching for a fun haunted house movie.
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