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  1. Well yall shouldnt watch the trailer for this one haha. I know spoilers are a hot topic around here, but I truly believe that the less you know the better. All I'll say is that people will love it, or hate it. I'm definitely in the love it category. It's gory, over the top and fun as hell.
  2. Meh suit. But I'm excited for any new Aquaman silliness!
  3. Please be good. Re: the last pic- what the FUCK is that?
  4. Werner Herzog's Nosferatu is amazing as well. It's genuinely disturbing. I know Eggers has been wanting to do his version for awhile, and knowing how great The Witch and The Lighthouse are I'm super hyped for this.
  5. This person built a machine for his switch version of FFX to dodge the 200 lightning strikes
  6. From the Glen Schofield, creator of Dead Space. If you haven't seen the interviews with him on the making of Dead Space, I highly recommend it. Hearing him on how they made the game and his ideas behind it make me excited to see another similar game headed by him. Its just a cinematic trailer, but it's hard not to be excited by that.
  7. Keth

    Dead Space

    I hate that I'm gonna have to give EA money for this. But this reminds me to make a thread for The Callisto Protocol, which looks like a spiritual successor to Dead Space by the original game's creator.
  8. Anyone got any theories on who is responsible for the TVA? Keeping expectations in check, cause the shows are playing it more or less safe it seems, but if I were to go all out crazy mine is that
  9. I just got my job back, so hopefully I can add more soon! I snagged a 1917 code and put it somewhere...
  10. Oh man you're about to hit the best part of the game. It's a campy, goofy ride for sure. I think it works as a great spiritual successor to RE4 also, personally I loved it.
  11. Yeah, Game Informer pulled the same shit I think. Turbo Zombie works! I always dug that one haha.
  12. So any chance I can get this "I trust IGN" offa mine? It was funny for at first, but recent events make me look like a fasch apologist or something. "Fuck IGN" is more appropriate I'd say.
  13. They're in style now apparently! Post some more, I don't know many outside of the tik tok one and ones from Black Flag.
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