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  1. I just finished watching this. I fucking love it. There's so much wrong but like Kelly Clarkson a chante, it was a beautiful disaster.
  2. Just this really: Also the best Punisher's name was Dolph. The best Punisher movie was War Zone (All heil McGinty, Irish, Rasta, Parkour-Superstar). The Tom Jane one is atrocious.
  3. That's Brandon Bird (Painter of Might) - my favorite artist whose name isn't Skottie Young. You need to peep out his shit. For example: Brandon Bird is the fucking best.
  4. How can I share or like now? also totes having pull-offs to your little sisters
  5. I don't believe that thread. Nick's just trying to be cool. It's all stolen offa the Bendis! board.
  6. I usually like him, but that let me down. Is there a Black Hole thread 'cause that shit was ubnubleevable. We could chat that all year long. I wonder if Nickerlas or Punch have read it.
  7. I thought X'ed out was pure shite. So fucking upset as I thought it would be great. Not enough teen-sexually-transmitted fun.
  8. Dear Hondo's, Suck my dick. Twilight fucking rules. Blu Ray like a motherfucka.
  9. Plus motherfucking one 'cause I'm dangerous, crazier than a bag of fucking angel dust I heart Skottie
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