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  1. Get back on here, guy.

  2. From someone who hasn't technically owned a Nintendo console since the SNES...you have my attention.
  3. X1 is doing their pre-order bonus with this as well, if anyone gives a turkey. You get a free backwards compatible copy of the first one. Support it so it continues! I like having free old games around digitally.
  4. I'm on the same page re: "real" Wolverine. I barely even think about it and I'm perfectly cool with OML being, well, OML and X-23 being The Wolverine. It's weird, because Hopeless played a part in establishing a voice for Laura on Battle Avengers Royale, so I know he's able to do it. I dunno maaaaaaan.
  5. The Carnage mini was fun, and there's definitely more on the way. I like the Old Man Logan ongoing so far. I know nice things were said about All New X-Men, but I was literally just thinking this past Wednesday that I might drop it. It's TOO teen drama and almost everyone is just jarringly out of character for me. X-23 especially. I'm fine with colloquialisms, but some of the forced slang comes off like the worst parts of Bendis or Gilmore Girls to me. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I do enjoy Mini Cyke tho.
  6. I'm glad 'baytor dropped some Vision on ya'll. I've probably enjoyed that book more than anything from Marvel for quite some time. I read a shit load of Marvel books every month anyway, but still. I really like that one.
  7. So I figure that's Harley's origin flashback at the end there. Maybe he looks different now? Doubt it, but just sayin. I don't like the way he talks around that grill. It's distracting. That said...honestly? I didn't hate that trailer as much as I expected to.
  8. Omg they're talking like real people do in a Marvel movie. omg omg omg.
  9. No! StopitstopitSTOPIT! I'm not gonna click that. You're trying to corrupt the foundation on which I've built everything I hold dear.
  10. Naaaah, he says it like it rhymes with mega. A digitized voice at the beginning of Sonic 2 has assured me thousands of times that this is not the case.
  11. I got that one launch day on X1, it had some quick resume glitch that pissed me off and it's been on the backlog ever since. Stupid reason, but there's just been too many good games coming out lately. Any slight gets you bumped. If the last few months have been this good, November is gonna kick my ass so hard...
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