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  1. Prebought tickets for today at 11:30am. Get to theater. Buy $5 plus change drink to share. Get settled in reserved seats. Family comes up with same seats in same screen as us. Realize that the tickets were for Monday, not Sunday. :( Gonna try to catch this next weekend...
  2. This fucking show... so good! Cj and I only have two episodes left (I think?), which we're going to take care of tomorrow. Completely loving this show!!
  3. __________________________

    1. MetalHeart


      HOLY SHIT Hello!!!!

    2. Lorelei


      I have returned and had my accounts merged. Feels good, RayRay.

    3. Lorelei


      I've actually been to  Fort Worth, nice airport

  4. NIN - Lights in the Sky Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl Puscifer - Conditions of My Parole Tori Amos - Winter Tori Amos - Upside Down ...Sorry, I know that's a lot, and I honestly don't expect y'all to listen to all of them, let alone any of them, but post yours!! I wanna hear them!!! Edit: I had posted a looot last night, so I culled the list. I just love to sing when I'm drunk! And sober. and anytime, really, haha!
  5. So, I currently has a drunk, and I was thinking of a Hondo's Karaoke thread! I loooove me some karaoke, and I thought it would be awesome if we shared what we've done, or even had some collaborations! Smule Sing is a great way to share shit, and technically it's free (if you join duets). Other wise it's less then 10 bucks a month to participate in if you want to record your own, or do a song already on roster. I'll post a few below that I've done (feedback and criticism is MUCH appreciated!), and I encourage to do the same (whether it's a track done with a karaoke back
  6. PS: Listening party sometime soon?
  7. Holy shit! Yes, I needs! We have quite a few records that were given to me by my Dad (and I think CJ got some from his mom, too?), and I want to start picking some up soon. I always see ones I want either at Half Priced Books, or Forever Young, but since we're sans turntable... I pass them up.
  8. Same here!!!! I hated them at first, then grew to love them. When I had my first Boba tea, I was ready.
  9. They look so fucking delicious. Ugh, my arteries!
  10. https://www.popsugar.com/entertainment/Matt-Damon-Black-Mirror-44464433 Cj and I had a playful argument about it. I was convinced. I was wrong, lol. He said that he looks like a mashup between Damon and Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the episode, and I have to concur.
  11. Oh boy!!! Cj will be so happy to hear about this!
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