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  1. Haha! Ahem... yes. This is the best show out right now... and I still think it hasn't fully found its legs. And Gordon is the best character on the show. Obviously.
  2. This one's got Best of the Worst written all over it:
  3. Got my tix for Friday... at 9am. Yup, you read that right. I work Thursday night so I can't possibly see it with half the planet. Next best thing? Be the very fucking first to see it the next day. Oh, and you know I will be on a social media blackout til about noon friday so don't call me (no one calls me).
  4. It was good. The chess pieces are all in place and the table is about to get flipped.
  5. I think this is because they plan on introing the FF right away. Avenger films are ending (along with Guardians) so, I believe, FF (and Eternals) will be the new team leg(s) of the MCU.
  6. Trailers out and the guy that plays Bruce Lee is fucking dead on.
  7. Saw the first episode and, yeah, gonna check the rest out.
  8. I admittedly knee-jerked (almost worse than Disney), but I'm glad he's back.
  9. Now that Into the Badlands has been cancelled, GIVE DANIEL WU THE ROLE!
  10. From the director of Hereditary? Yes, please.
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