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  1. A film about Carnage...w/out blood? I'm suddenly reminded of 'Spawn'... Spidey isn't even in this. If it's about maintaining approachable product for the brand - I'd get it. But - it might as well be it's own R-Rated horror / action flick. Deadpool and Logan proved something. Who's making decisions over there? This makes about as much sense as a Spidey origin w/out Uncle Ben - or a Venom origin w/out Spidey. A blood-soaked, murderous serial killer...super-villain - given a live-action treatment - during a time when any imaginative-thing...imaginabl
  2. It's so tricky. They've obviously been around - because the series is being integrated in... I wanted to vote - 'sorry, we were busy'...like, mutants and the X-Men have always been around...BUT: - for the 'current' Fox X-Men to be in the 'current' MCU universe...the mutant 'problem' has to be such a thing - and for that to - suddenly pop up? It's jarring - not just for continuity, but in the overall tone - that has to suddenly be injected into this....comedic, loud slug-fest series. Either it's gonna change the nature of the MCU - or the MCU is gonna change the natur
  3. Now I'm curious if the movies are gonna get de-canon-ized. I've never seen any of the TNG movies. Well - I've actually seen 'Generations' - the one where Picard meets Kirk. That was...so...badly handled. The rest I've 'seen' through the Plinkett reviews. The films look like extended episodes. Extended, bad episodes. Now I'm curious if anything major happened in those movies that would hold any bearing in this sequel series. 'Cuz I'm sure - Picard is gonna have a moment where he explains where's he's been - what's he's been doing - since...the last movie? The last
  4. I LOOOVE the night shots of the cemetery - and the rolling smoke. LOL - felt like an Ed Wood movie. I love it. It all looked...really good. But ah dunno how you can improve on what was already a pretty good adaption. Kinda feels like Savini's Night of the Living Dead remake - it'll be an interesting 'exercise'...but not really needed. Nowhere near 'IT' levels of hype for me. This is almost a short story - and the look n' vibe seem to fit that. I'm interested in checking it out - not expecting the reinvention of the wheel or anything.
  5. 'SLAIN: Back From Hell' is normally $20 - on Sale now on the E Shop for 7 bucks. Got it last night - played it for a bit...preee-tty bloody. LOL
  6. I begrudgingly got Online. Only because I have to. My gf needs Splatoon - and I keep in touch w/ sum folks via Smash (not local). W/ Ultimate nearly here - gonna need the Online. Got the Family Plan and fumbled through google - trying to set all the accounts up. It's not intuitive or self-explanatory AT ALL. Prepare to google on how to activate and register accounts to the 'Main' account. I tested NES Online - can't join strangers - you can only play w/ registered Friends. I'm in Georgia State - tested it w/ sum folks WAY out in Washington state. The
  7. Polaski was fuckin' cool. "If you know what I'm saying - when I'm not saying anything...well, what do you need me for? Thank you for the tea and crumpets - I'll be going..." I really liked her. I was taken aback she never got a 'departure' episode. Just...gone.
  8. Is that like, the first-ever release of a Pork Grind fig? LOL - what an age. Now I want a Spider-Ham...
  9. Holy...check out what I bumped into... ^ 9 bucks a pop - at Target! I'm getting Donald and Scrooge...in time, tho. Kinda broke. ^ I don't have...the space! STOOOP!
  10. ON BLU...!!! It dropped on Sept 25th. ? "Get the f*ck outta the waaay!!!" I did a bit of research on this - as this show was veeery evidentally shot on video tape. LOL - I hoped that maybe they shot it on film and then transferred it on tape...and that we'd be getting sum sick-ass restoration as Pee-Wee's Playhouse and TNG did (recomposited fx shots...green screen elements)...but, naaaaaaw...the original masters are ALL on video tape. ? Still - I read they did a fantastic job 'remastering' from the 'not so optimal' sources. Dreading it being a simple
  11. HEEEEY!!! Sweeeet! Holy shit, that's cool.
  12. Bonus if there are physical releases - but, I expect these to be E Shop stuff. I'm kew w/ that. I'm not gonna wait. Everything is getting the HD treatment - I need a release date!
  13. CANNOT. WAIT. Sooo pumped for FFVII - the HD (PC) Edition. I've never experienced the game all crisp-like. (I got my expectations of how crisp in check - I've seen reviews of the PC version) I own the original version / discs...it's all I got / ever had access to. Not part of the PC Master Race...not for lack of trying. FF8 is where I fell off the series. I devoured FFVI and FFVII - the cartoony / sword n' sorcery / steam punky aesthetic is part of the draw for me to the series. I saw that FF9 returned to that 'look' - always wanted to play it...I've just never h
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