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  1. Them getting the voice crew i remember from the old adult swim days has me pretty excited.
  2. If I'm a paranoid pessimist, this two-parter was a watercooler moment. Honestly, it made me find y'all and tell you to make sure not to miss it, and I'm sure that I'm not the only person to find lapsed, indifferent, or I'll-catch-up-later friends and make sure they check in. The measured ratings show an increase in viewership from part one to part two, and I know that doesn't count streamers like me. By putting it prior to the season finale, it increases interest and possible viewership, making it more likely Fox doesnt pull a Fox and send it to die. I'm sure I'm over
  3. Well, dont miss this week's episode, everybody.
  4. I mean, you have a lot more time to sort that out now.
  5. I dont care that this is a bump from the ages, MP4 is now being developed with retro studios and i am giddy.
  6. I like this show on the whole, but episodes like this week's can feel like a round of star trek trivia where you try to spot the star trek episode being referenced. I honestly don't know if the show will survive without its own worldbuilding. I feel like i know more about the kril than the union. I'm hearing the ratings are keeping the show on the bubble. It has enough promise that I'd hate if it gets canned.
  7. By god, I'm going to try to finish the first one before two comes out. Not x, though.
  8. How are you just hearing about discord.
  9. Clearly his origin is a ripoff of THE MIGHTY MONARCH!
  10. Holy Forking Shirtballs, that good place finale. This show needs to be watched by more people. That laugh. That cactus. My god.
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