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  1. Yeah, the kid’s not as interested as the parents here. He was slowing us down. He prefers Mario Party so far. We gotta pay ya another visit for all the fruits again.
  2. We just restarted. Tonight. Originally, Tom, our son, was the first to settle. We didn’t realize that ALL island progress would rely on him as Resident Representative. So he quickly got bored within the first couple of hours. Fuck that. Aarty now leads SpideyIsle. She’s already paid off her loan again, so time for me to catch up. Tom will, eventually. But now he can take his sweet time without holding us back.
  3. I remember seeing them at Toys-R-Us along with the SNES and Sega Genesis. I chose Genesis because Mortal Kombat was rumored to have the most blood and gore on it. I always wondered how the TG16 did.
  4. Hat tip for 1-2-3 Magic! Works amazing! Couldn’t find the topic, but thanks!

    1. The Vagrant

      The Vagrant

      I'm very happy to hear that it is helping you! The book helped my wife and I a lot with Nicholas.

  5. ...but with cheetah spots. Yup, I get it. I dig it though. Guess I'm an 80's fanboi. *shrug*
  6. Not into it. At all. What they did in the comics with the He-Man / Thundercats crossover was bad ass. This... looks... like... a steaming pile of hot garbage. I don’t like the animation / drawing style for this. But if it gets my kid to watch it, I suppose I’d give it a try.
  7. It would’ve been. *sigh* ...and it will be this year. Told ya Goodell was a dick. I’m just a tinge with Chris. Someone should just sign Kapernick, dammit. As always, Go Pats!
  8. Bingo! Damn that Nick for supporting the Yankees. PS fix ma title plz.
  9. On the contrary. The 4 game suspension was an injustice to be sure, but it actually played out as I had foreseen. (No Hondos record to back me up but, oh well.) I knew the 4 weeks rest and being left to his own devices would only push Brady. All along he's played well because Belichick saw the one factor that isn't given enough credit. Heart. That fiasco pissed him and his fans off. 3-1 start was nice thanks to Garoppolo (Garoppolo to the Phins? Possible but unlikely). And uh... Brissett. I knew Brady would comeback and give the league the mighty cockslap of revenge. If anything, Goodell seale
  10. Forewarning, this is pretty graphic. It puts my stomach in a knot everytime I see it. The Ray Rice incident: Suspended two games for that. Nevermind that it's my team. I don't care if it was Fitzpatrick. Four games EVEN IF it was the QB himself deflating footballs vs. two for that? Someone has their priorities way the hell off. Good article here on everything that happened So pretty much after public backlash, and only after, Goodell made a new policy that says 6 games for first offense, indefinite for second. Then the public again cried for blood after the video was relea
  11. Also, I think we can agree to be VERY glad we're not living in the time line where Belichick didn't quit after a day: *shudders*
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