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  1. couldn't find if we'd had a thread - anyone else enjoy watching speedrunning & other challenges on SGDQ? ill try to post a few classics later, the Ninja Gaiden pacifist challenge in particular blew my mind years back.
  2. so with nintendo & sony both out of the dedicated handheld lane, this is kinda interesting - had no idea valve was working on this, but the specs seem cool? stick placement less so, but interested to see how this plays out. aside: man, the pandemic sent handheld stuff through the roof, so this is some good timing
  3. finally caught up on my queue of monthly stuff again, trying out other books Monsteress - really need to make a thread for this one; i'm 10 issues in and it's just fantastic. the art is amazing, the entire world/lore are crazy interesting. i'd be surprised if this one never becomes an animated/show. ill try to sum it up better in said thread, just dark fantasy stuff with so much world-building going on, but in a way that i really look forward to where the journey leads (even if it's always going to be bloody). We Only Find Them When They're Dead - tried t
  4. yeah, like how this one wrapped up, not sure if non-comic fans will dig it though?
  5. yeah i'm leaning in that direction too - influence is a whole other question, but if i'm gonna put one of those on today, it'd be pulp fiction
  6. so this was an old argument that i wanna say came up here forever ago in some form - 25+ years later, which do you think was the best picture?
  7. Marvel Alters WandaVision Finale Post-Credit Scene It seems Disney and Marvel have altered the WandaVision finale post-credit scene as a mysterious caped figure can be seen. www.comingsoon.net Timestamp is 45:50. https://www.disneyplus.com/en-gb/video/ec21d421-f9fa-4a0b-8705-da87dacbdd29
  8. totally taking suggestions here
  9. yeahh wanna say yours was an old jax thing? it's high time, honestly
  10. agreed! also just tied up season 1 - shit, what a tweest
  11. decided to start this after invincible (because i'm clearly in the mood for gore?) and so far, liking it more than the book - watching the team come together & butcher not have it all together feels more organic, plus the format allows for so much more vought evil/look at power levels etc. the jokes & gore definitely feel true to ennis, i'm maybe halfway though season 1 but i can already see how this is looking to be a much more faithful & interesting take than preacher was.
  12. tied up season 1 and man, this show got the book down perfect & pulled no punches. it'd been years since i read the first arc or two, but the stuff they deviated on, seemed for the better - literally cannot wait for future seasons (fortunately in the works) and hopefully a game at some point too!
  13. i know autotune is his thing, but the man doesn't need it one bit while we're at it
  14. The NZA

    E3 2021

    all that and Shantae too...can't believe ZAMN/Ghoul Patrol are seeing SNES releases too. LRG winning E3 so far.
  15. The NZA

    E3 2021

    so e3 recap so far
  16. The NZA

    E3 2021

    just finished the capcom stream
  17. David Lynch to Write/Direct New Netflix Original Series - What's on Netflix David Lynch will be working with Netflix on a brand new TV series according to a production listing from ProductionWeekly. Details are scarce at the moment but here’s what we know so far. David Lynch... not twin peaks season 4, but still sounds promising
  18. imagine being more (racist) worried about the abstract of death, than say, the need for desire to be non-binary
  19. Jenna Coleman To Play Johanna Constantine In Netflix’s Sandman
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