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  1. LL put me onto gondry years ago, was reading through a thread of their music video work & had to share em here
  2. Green Lantern HBO Max Series Characters Revealed noticably absent are hal, stewart & the goat kyle, presumably being saved for an upcoming movie? or later season i guess? hyped either way!
  3. tribue to andre 3000 guest verses and of course one of the finest
  4. was put onto some newer rock (says it's psych?), kinda scratches that toro y moi itch for me. digging this.
  5. okay yeah, basic skin works fine - discord is giving me shit logging in, but maybe that's firefox & VPN/plugins speed's okay for me though? hard to tell, maybe my connection's kinda butt so much that i don't really notice
  6. https://tmsanime.com/news/tms-and-gkids-announces-english-dub-cast-for-lupin-iii-the-first always down for more lupin!
  7. damn. i mean, we're basically only using one skin these days, yeah? what happens if we just go back to the default one? i know we'd lose the social media links, but they're not a big deal, honestly. is it mostly about the discord? i can't even get at the forums, just the most recent stuff up top.
  8. invision stays fussing about updates and then making the board run like buttcheeks i'd totally say we ditch them again if it wasn't all the other booty forum softwares that we've lost stuff on much love as always stills
  9. yeah, solid price - sony's still being coy about theirs at the moment. i got nothing against the subwoofer design too, i like funky hardware. my question will just be if their studios make more things i wanna play; ive had at least a shelf and a half of OG xbox & 360 games so far, but last gen i passed (so far, maybe when it's cheap!) because i can scarcely come up with 5 or so games i'd really wanna play. i hope that changes next gen.
  10. looks better, but i'm still not really excited here - hope this one ends up surprising me
  11. the bits of somewhat bruce timm modern/classic hybrid gotham, dark riddler forcing bats to actually be a detective, the obvious 90s pandering with nirvana covers as an ongoing comic trailer trend - there's a lot that i really like here, folks
  12. batman without batman looks like it could be cool, playing as nightwing & batgirl finally is awesome also the court of owls at the end, crazy we've not yet seen them in this series (far as i know anyway)
  13. understanding ellie's trauma in TLOU2
  14. doubling down cause saxquatch needs more love
  15. bronson stays catching w's meanwhile, here's lookin at bindy
  16. so, i re-ran through TLOU 1 to hype myself up earlier this year, and couldn't pass up the chance to finish 2 before having it spoiled - is anyone else ready to talk about this? like...most of these ludonarrative points feel cheap. imagine a katamari game that forced you to roll up the universe and then demeaned you for the genocide this created....the game literally forced this choice, making it kind of hollow. that's easily the company this could have joined, but i think it kinda walked the line to show something more, and i'm aware of naughty dog's need for a uni
  17. updated the collection! we're close to 1,100 at this point, DJ ariel assault donated the last of his stuff earlier this year & i rightfully spent some of my stimulus check filling in gaps, there's not much left that's attainable at this point also: the popularity of the format in the last year or so specifically leading to either deep out-of-print represses of stuff like 2pac albums - or those that never saw an official press (nujabes is huge here for me) has been such a magical thing to see, my top tier wishlist has been seeing way more wish fulfillment than i'd im
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