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  1. yeah she definitely had an early spidey vibe, big differences being the muslim family & living in jersey -but the everyman ability to team up with just about everyone is a facet of her character, no doubt
  2. nahh she's an inhuman who can embiggen but doesn't really move like plastic man or reed - really enjoyable character too, her first few volumes are a blast if you get a chance to read em
  3. looks like they'll be changing her powers - i imagine energy stuff is easier to CG than a lot of stretchy limbs, much less ones that sort of require time travel
  4. it was a rough start for me, but this may end up my GOTY. missed this series
  5. he may sound like a variant here, but he does have a point (i still want dude back as matt any way we can get him)
  6. some fire SMT music while we wait on V to drop soon
  7. well, shit Why ‘Y: The Last Man’ Was Abruptly Canceled
  8. first i've heard that, where'd you come across it?
  9. anyone else loving this so far? the stalking is wearing on me, but finally handling it is so satisfying related: samus & chill sounds really nice, check it out
  10. Europeans were enjoying blue cheese and beer 2,700 years ago, ancient poop shows
  11. some stuff i knew, some stuff i didn't
  12. i'm assuming i'm riding solo with this one, but hyped all the same!
  13. bout fuckin time, after that brutal cliffhanger...lets gooooo
  14. agatha's getting a spinoff, apparently
  15. Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner perfectly finishes guitar solo while suffering an Aortic Dissection on stage judas priest officially more metal than any other band alive
  16. oh i'm so watching this just finishing up itchy, tasty audiobook on the history of RE and really in the mood for this now
  17. also finally found a decent deal on replacing my new 3ds xl with the majora's mask one, love this thing
  18. still gotta check out world brothers too
  19. any thoughts? not too much here i'd disagree with, on the surface
  20. i have seen magnolia and like one other of his movies, had others on my list for ages (punch drunk love, there will be blood etc) but this could be fun
  21. The Boys Spin-off ordered by Amazon Studios i'd been wondering when/if superhero con would come up...maybe they retooled it as this YA show? if so, seems like another smart move from the showrunners
  22. slept on these forever - heard nothing but good about trails in the sky, a lot less good about cold steel. if my jrpg backlog wasn't endless i'd bump these up for sure... newt's gotta reply to this one
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