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  1. yeah, it was fun bringing that one up last year when people were mad as fuck about the FF VIIR nestle promo thing, haha
  2. reddit having a thing about how seinfeld's hallway can't exist
  3. King of the Hill Returns? Animated Revival Series in 'Hot Negotiations' - IGN According to writer Brent Forrester, King of the Hill creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels are in "hot negotiations" to bring back the beloved animated series. www.ign.com
  4. ‘Justified’ Team Reunites to Develop Elmore Leonard Novel at FX, Timothy Olyphant Rumored to Return as Raylan Givens
  5. entirely here for this, even if i've only got trailer park boys to add at the moment
  6. cannot wait for this, absolutely loving the beat-em-up revival. this looks like so much fun.
  7. cmon hondo's, let's get together for this absolute classic!
  8. godamn, that was violent - this may actually end up being more fun than the 90's one, somehow? i still consider the latter to be one of the most enjoyable video game films out there, but this looks like a blast
  9. Marvel Studios Gets The Punisher and Jessica Jones Rights Back From Netflix jess should go to the she-hulk show, frank to moony
  10. The NZA

    Diablo 4

    New Diablo 4 and 2 remaster details from known Reddit leaker (Console release for D2R) D2 for switch is, of course, the big news here - man, that'd be so cool
  11. fuck man, didn't even know this shit existed! sucks.
  12. the nods in tonight's ep were so much fun - also, the seutp for monica...phewwww
  13. the best mario game, with raytracing! look at that lighting! it's an ongoing fan project, apparently 3 levels in so far
  14. just finished season 1, and yeah, this is hands-down the most interesting thing in the star wars universe since KOTOR. it's legit a space western with a lot of the same trappings of samurai stuff, which is basically the more interesting elements of what lucas built on for the old movies. i don't think there was an episode i didn't enjoy or wanted to skip past, though the final 2-parter really was some standout stuff. can't wait to dive into season 2.
  15. ep 4 tonight...anyone else watching this? it's pretty brilliant so far, wanda is getting way more time to shine and what it's hinting at is crazy dark. loving this so far.
  16. is it maybe cause you're a global mod?
  17. P5 Royal looks fun, but i can't put another 100 hours into that game. been in the mood for another old persona soon, though. ran through miles morales quickly, i loved the into the spider-verse aesthetic & character they gave him. city is still an absolute joy to swing around, the lighting & reflection effects are really crazy. looking forward to the spidey remaster sometime this year. demons souls - yeah, still hard (some bosses can't be cheesed the way they could before), i got to the last boss and put it down for a bit...his ability to de-level you is a st
  18. oh my god, outta nowhere - can't wait to still not finish this game in its new form, haha. the original dark souls returns!
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