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  1. P5 Royal looks fun, but i can't put another 100 hours into that game. been in the mood for another old persona soon, though. ran through miles morales quickly, i loved the into the spider-verse aesthetic & character they gave him. city is still an absolute joy to swing around, the lighting & reflection effects are really crazy. looking forward to the spidey remaster sometime this year. demons souls - yeah, still hard (some bosses can't be cheesed the way they could before), i got to the last boss and put it down for a bit...his ability to de-level you is a st
  2. oh my god, outta nowhere - can't wait to still not finish this game in its new form, haha. the original dark souls returns!
  3. The NZA


    full game! not sure how long it is overall vs the last one, but so far there's nothing here that doesn't feel like a full campaign - you're based out of harlem so the map differs too, i wanna say? i need to explore more, doing all the sidequests for unlocks so far - loving how they incorporated miles' venom/electric sting so far
  4. asc - yeah, ps4 for instance is really cheap right now - I've seen pro models go for less than $100 on forums - and the last year or so i've picked up a ton of games for $10-15 baytor - yeah the inevitable hardware revision + price drop are worth waiting for. that said, what bugs are you seeing? i read spidey remastered in rest mode wasn't great or something, not much else? and sony launch lineups are traditionally so abysmal that this is prolly the best one for me since...the vita? but i'm a huge demons/spidey fan to be fair also the plus collection was smart an
  5. thank fuck i found a shelf that fits this & the last 4 playstations, i love weird consoles but this really is like a big funky alienware setup without the aliens space cowboy pointed out how the box is massive but still couldn't fully fit the image of the system on it so they hide cropped it off
  6. The NZA


    I've got this, demons souls, spidey remastered and like 15 ps4 games off plus, and this is all i want to play last spider-man game was my GOTY and i platinum'd it & ran through all the DLC, so giving miles a game and letting the music & aesthetic fit into the spider-verse was such an inspired choice. only a few hours in & loving it.
  7. plus 1 & 2 getting switch ports today! so awesome, just need to see travis get an amiibo already
  8. LL put me onto gondry years ago, was reading through a thread of their music video work & had to share em here
  9. Green Lantern HBO Max Series Characters Revealed noticably absent are hal, stewart & the goat kyle, presumably being saved for an upcoming movie? or later season i guess? hyped either way!
  10. tribue to andre 3000 guest verses and of course one of the finest
  11. was put onto some newer rock (says it's psych?), kinda scratches that toro y moi itch for me. digging this.
  12. okay yeah, basic skin works fine - discord is giving me shit logging in, but maybe that's firefox & VPN/plugins speed's okay for me though? hard to tell, maybe my connection's kinda butt so much that i don't really notice
  13. https://tmsanime.com/news/tms-and-gkids-announces-english-dub-cast-for-lupin-iii-the-first always down for more lupin!
  14. damn. i mean, we're basically only using one skin these days, yeah? what happens if we just go back to the default one? i know we'd lose the social media links, but they're not a big deal, honestly. is it mostly about the discord? i can't even get at the forums, just the most recent stuff up top.
  15. invision stays fussing about updates and then making the board run like buttcheeks i'd totally say we ditch them again if it wasn't all the other booty forum softwares that we've lost stuff on much love as always stills
  16. yeah, solid price - sony's still being coy about theirs at the moment. i got nothing against the subwoofer design too, i like funky hardware. my question will just be if their studios make more things i wanna play; ive had at least a shelf and a half of OG xbox & 360 games so far, but last gen i passed (so far, maybe when it's cheap!) because i can scarcely come up with 5 or so games i'd really wanna play. i hope that changes next gen.
  17. looks better, but i'm still not really excited here - hope this one ends up surprising me
  18. the bits of somewhat bruce timm modern/classic hybrid gotham, dark riddler forcing bats to actually be a detective, the obvious 90s pandering with nirvana covers as an ongoing comic trailer trend - there's a lot that i really like here, folks
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