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  1. we can't be too far off the show now!
  2. show meeeeeeee P2 stuff is hard to find, but i jump on it where i can
  3. P3 on steam is overdue, but it'd be tremendous. i love seeing what QoL/qualify of life improvements the community does
  4. let's see pics of this merch y'all also, in maybe-news! we'll see how this pans out, apparently rhis could be legit? really hoping for another house of the dead overkill
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp3E4DF9Pow video won't embed, it's really nice RPG music done on piano
  6. let's rank personas y'all i personally kinda divide the series - 3 starts the social link system, which i think dramatically changes things. animu romancing, after school clubs, things in town affected by your stats etc...it was really cool, balanced out the dungeon crawling to pad the game out but switch things up enough that you'd not find it too monotonous, a big problem i find in JRPG battling. i usually put like 100 hours or so into the modern ones, and that's just to reach high 80s level and get a few really good ones (the top tier ones in the 90s are just ) P
  7. yeah sorry, we just need a persona catch-all thread i guess PSP stuff shot up but i didnt know it went for that much, damn...you've played FES yeah? i was gonna say, that steam deck will prolly handle PCSX2 (or the newer emu) with ease, i know it's not a physical copy but it's a great way to play it. it's been forever since i ran through P3, crazy how that one changed up the series so much. speaking of, i finally finished the 2nd half of P2 (eternal punishment) a year or two ago now, i really think it's a different beast than modern persona but the 2 parter is likely my
  8. so, about that.. stills literally just paid our rent for the entirety of 2022, so lets give them a big round of applause! i know some folks reup'd the patreon recently, so how do y'all wanna do this? should we suspend donations for this year, or maintain a public ledger here so we can show the funds going towards 2023?
  9. so it's been forever and i'm finally rereading and falling in love with this series again...it took so long to tie up that i barely recall how it did, which is great. i'm around issue 20 or so now and just marvel at the lore & storytelling. prolly for another thread, but jeff smith says the netflix show is still happening too
  10. enjoying a much-needed day off here, but... y'all have no idea how good it feels to have helped build something 20+ years ago that a few solid patrons still line up to help keep the doors open. honestly, i get choked up thinking about it. love y'all.
  11. less than 48 hours to watch this in its era https://i.imgur.com/QYYXyZV.mp4
  12. little while back, i'd made a thraad on crime/pulp stuff, and found that the combination of brubaker & sean phillips is probably my favorite team currently doing comics...they've both won eisners for their work, and as much as i adored Criminal, it seems like they're only getting better Reckless is 3 books in so far (Destroy All Monsters was just last fall - swear to god, i write these releases down on my calendar, that's how much i enjoy them) and i really don't wanna say anything to spoil book 1, so here's image's plug: same team did Pulp last year
  13. Batman: One Dark Knight - not familiar with Jock, but i like their art and story here so far. its issue 1 of (?) and it feels like batman done like dread/the raid, at least next issue. Cloaked - speaking of bat stories, i've been largely burned out by "batman, but (x)" type stories for ages now (i blame millar), but this take seems interesting so far. only one issue in so ill make a thread if it stays consistently good. Wolverine # 19 - part jaws, part highlander...i like wolvy stories like this, good standalone issue.[/b] Amazing Spider-Man #82 - also a st
  14. How ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Will Shake Up ‘Star Wars’
  15. making peace with spider-drake, still not keen on marky mark sully
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