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  1. Really enjoyed this show - the darkness, and the fight choreography was epic. Roll on Season 2 A show like Punisher would also be awesome!
  2. As jax says Sanitisation is key - whether kegs or bottles, Nothing worse than drain pouring a 5 gallon batch cos you're beer is infected (unintentionally) Have been really enjoying sour beers, and lambics lately - which have bacteria intentionally added or wild yeast. Yum. And am going to belgium in AUgust! Woot!
  3. The chemistry between Joe and Barry is superb! was a good finale - leaves you wanting more.
  4. i've been reading the graphic novels, not individual issues, but i love it
  5. Janice loves the Rogue Stuff - especially that hazelnut brown ale - not my cup of tea, but she's into it The american small brewers are producing some great stuff at the moment - the Galway Bay Brewing Company has some nice ones, a great Chocolate Stout called i think Buried at Sea or something its fantastic on cask and draught. Anyway some of my faves at the moment; Dungarvan Brewery - Coffee & Oatmeal Stout O'Dells Five Barrel Pale Ale Trouble Brewing - Dark Arts
  6. Pretty much any episode of man vs food, or epic meal time is just Fast Food Porn! I'm going to experiment with brisket soon - my butcher has confirmed its easy to get i was a bit worried i'd struggle to get it here. Mmmm McRib! Though anytime i see it i think of that episode of the simpsons where Krusty Burger bring it in as a special and homer goes on tour to eat more!
  7. Its an amazing interpretation of the source material, i can not wait for it. Its the little obscure things from the books they put in that are really good. Like the example above. Thankfully Sky over here air it the night after HBO - lessens the need to stream or acquire by other means.
  8. Peronia Nastro Azzuro - Great Leffe Blonde Warsteiner Good selection in that place
  9. Spaten is awesome, Scrumpy Jack, not so much. Octoberfest soon over here, and obviously Arthurs Day on the 23rd September.
  10. Can not believe this place is ten years old, fuck me do i feel old
  11. We talking from the movies, or from the books, guessing as this is in the movies forum, my favourite character is Sam. Partially cos i know it pisses Nanno off, but cos he was such a rock throughout the whole thing.
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