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From Anime News Network:

Maya Kumashiro returns to the Waldstein Academy to attend the funeral of the principal, Junichiro Kumashiro, her father. The institute focuses its' studies on paranormal subjects, thus becoming known as the Occult Academy. Maya, a skeptic who hates the occult, meets with Fumiaki Uchida, a time agent from the future sent to 1999 to prevent the apocalyptic Nostradamus Prophecies from happening. The predictions state that the school will be ground zero to the cataclysm that will destroy the world. They must team up to discover not only what actually led to her father's demise, they have limited time to find out what is the key that triggers the beginning of the end.

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Episodes three and four spent entirely too much time on Bunmei and I have learned to dislike him. The characters are settling into tropes rather than fleshing themselves out, like what was promised in episode one. I'll stick with it, though.

I can't disagree with this.

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