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Ok, I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, as I don't really consider Second Life a 'game', however the role playing games within SL are in fact games, so here it goes!


I have played WoW for about 3 years now, and about 6 months ago I ventured away to Second Life to look into role play. My friend in WoW was always "help me kill kill kill, oh btw do you RP?" and I told her no, not really. Well, after arm twisting and such and some RP via WoW, I decided to give it a shot.


I DL'ed the very quick and easy Second Life / Linden Labs (currently being bid on by Microsoft) and the great news is that it is free. Things IN SL cost money, but membership is free. Anyways, after being kinda overwhelmed with the much different controls as it is not a PvP FPS style setup, I had to really learn how to navigate and DENOOBORZ my avatar. You start off with a dork and bad walk and clothes and everything. In one day, you can slap on an animation overirder (AO) and get some decent clothes and look semi-real. I was fortunate to have my friend hold my hand and denoob me quickly.


She took me to this role-play sim called Perdition. It is based on modern day urban realism, with a dark theme. It is based just outside of Boston and it is set up around American common law. You can't rape murder rob steal and slapaho (had to give props to big chief) anyways, through role-play you can in fact attempt to rob , shoot, stab, and so on... but you have consequences if caught. Perdition has a full on police department, fire department, hospital, diner, strip club, biker gang, yakuza gang, city park, salon with your happy endings (yes, I just went there) upscale club, a bank, pawn shop, hotel... YOU EFFIN' NAME IT! It is a full on intensive role-play city. I started to role-play there and became friends with the staff there, then the owner. Well, 2 months ago, the owner decided it was time to step away and hand it over to someone else. He dubbed me. I am now the owner of a 2 sim, heavy traffic role-play sim in Second Life. The best way to describe it, it is like I own a Elywnn Forest of Wow on a private server, or a level on a FPS board, or equivelant. It is a custom built city, with good guys and bad guys, though guys, it is mostly women! Anything realism based, you can bring to the table and role-play it out in the City of Perdition.


You have to be a sim member to join, though it is easy to do. Go to http://cityofperdition.com to read over the sim rules then go to character application and apply for membership. Your app will be hand approved within 1-3 days and you are a full member. The sim is unique to SL, as it is the largest english speaking urban realism based sim as far as traffic. The largest RP sim gets around 50-60k traffic, but full of noobs, one liners, magic, griefers, and more bad things. Our sim gets 30-45k traffic as it always shifts. We offer free form RP, so you don't need meters or the role of the dice, or any other HUD attachments to monitor your progress. It is as if you walk into the sim and tell your own story, as it pertains to realism. Most sims are geared toward combat (and hella lag), vampires, magic, rape and blantantly open sex, one liners and so on. This sim gives you an Americanized city, with common law, detailed role-play (generally 3-7 sentenceswith verbal dialogue and emotes, strict posting order (as in you are in a scene with 4 people, you can't post again til 2,3, and 4 have posted) it is free form, so your post can be as long or as short as you need it to be. The downside to paragraph posting is, on average it takes about 4-6 minutes for someone to post... this means in a 2 person scene every 10 minutes you and the other person have posted, in a 4 person scene its 20 minutes before you all have gone a round. HOWEVER, this is some of the best intensive RP I have ever come across. I'd say 70 to 80% of the people there really dive in and bring their character to life. You can choose to be good, to be bad, to be shady, to be a cop, fireman, a cook at the diner, a bar tender, a stripper, and so on. During peek hours, anywhere from 30-60 people are on sim for you to interact with, and when it is slower as it is 24/7, you can run into 10-20 on sim. We are an adult sim, so sex in the hotels, in the VIP at the club and so on takes place (you can get prim cocks and snatches that look photo real and have animators to have machinima like sex), there is references to drug use, alcohol consumption, rape, murder and so on. I don't think most of my beloved Hondonians are into role-play, but if any of you are, come check us out! IM me in-world via the search > people @ Spencer Rainier and I will get you hooked up and situated and show you around. Might even float you some in-world money to get you hooked up with a nice outfit and get a feel for things.


It is a lot to take in, but if you are even semi-interested, get with me and I will help you out as much as I can. Spencerrainier@gmail.com is my email to get ahold of me out of world. If you do DL SL and have viewer issues, try going to google and looking up Phoenix viewer or Emergence viewer for SL and use that interface, it is a bit more user friendly as well. I can help you with the settings to get things to load better and all of that as well. We have a forum: http://cityofperditionforum.com and my SN on there is Spencer. If interested, hit me up, would be nice to see you all visit, or hell, dive in.


I am glad to see that you all are doing well, that the board is still going on strong, and hope to catch up with you asap!



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