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Xwvstf: Chief's Level


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I figured TD would get a kick out of this...


A while back I started meddling in level-editing for a classic game X-Wing vs Tie Fighter: Balance of Power. You see, my flying ability had already dominated so many... and my only compeditor, TD, was barely able to keep up on my bad days.


So, I decided to upload my first working level for XWvsTIE:BOP. After updating it about 182658671 times... the thing is working now.


SB3 is the name of the game. That link will download a ZIP file... inside it should be 1 .tie file. To install the game, it's a bit tricky, but here's how...


1) Extract the .tie file into your Lucasarts\XWingTie\BalanceOfPower\Combat directory.


2) Find the 3 .lst files in that same directory (Imperial, Rebel, Mission). Open these files with notepad.


3) If you notice, each file has a listing of the missions in the game. Adding a mission simply means finding the highest # on that list, and adding another listing to that. Here's what I reccommend. If your version of the game is unmodified and you have no new levels already dl-ed and added, copy the following lines:

[Customized Clusterfucks]
Rebel Hit & Run on Imperial Factory


Now, in each .lst file, paste that section above and SAVE EACH .lst file. That will make a new category of missions "Customized Clusterfucks" (or whatever you want to name it) and then add the mission to the 24th position in the COMBAT list in each .lst file. All you gotta do from now on to add more missions is to start from the # (24... 25...26...) and follow the pattern, you don't have to redo the //[]// part.


When you start the game, you should find the new category & level in your combat section of the menu.


If anyone besides me still has that game installed, try my level & GOOD LUCK! Here's a hint... if you're in a bomber, blow the big things up first!

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The mission is pretty straightforward...


It's an 8 player combat mission, not a melee. 4 on 4 Imperials vs. Rebels. Your ship categories are X-Wings, A-Wings or B-Wings if you Rebel... TIE Interceptors, Gunboats, and TIE Advanced if your Imperial. Mission parameters are simple:


Rebels are trying to hit & run on an Imperial Shipyard. The shipyard is guarded by one Modified Frigate & several squadrons of fighters. The Rebels are coming with one Light CRL and one Dreadnaught (pretty much the same stats, just slower). The Rebels will try to take down the Frigate first, then make their move on the factory. Imperials will try to push back each cruiser, starting with the closest threat. Also, any shuttle craft caught fleeing the area must be taken down (Bonus points).


X-Wings & TIE Int - anything is fair game. Basically, whatever crosses the 50-yard line is open season. Pay careful attention to the warning messages.


A-Wings & Tie Adv - bomber intercept. Focus on keeping the bombers too busy to shoot.


B-Wings & Gunboats - heavy attack. Let the warheads fly. Careful tho, the cruisers can target incoming warheads.

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Um... I know not what you speak of! I'm valiently Piloting my waraxe of Glory into the trenches of act... erm I mean My X-Wing is speeding through the swarms of Sucubus to... Er no, Commander Cain has ordered me on a secret recon mission to Identify... um... Aieee!!


:: Runs and hides ::



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