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  1. The original Texan chapter... I bow down to you!

  2. so, uh...episode III, huh? hoooo doogie.

  3. Welcome back to the boards! <3

  4. I can vouch for cheify, man spent more time in DII that we've spent in Iraq! And I'm talking about BOTH wars!
  5. Yeah $10 is dirt cheap, and if you want to get cheaper theres places that sell single peices for a couple of bucks. Not to mention if the verteran players see that your serious about playing regularly they almost always dip into their collections and give out peices to new members to help boost their collections.
  6. In place of the yearly Text based game advertisement This time I'm bringing a new form of corruption to the boards. Tabletop Wargames those of you who remember the glory days of ALL day Quake & Xwing vs Tie fighter over at Gamebusters on bird road might remember all those bad ass looking figures they kept stocked and every once and awhile you sae folks bust out cases of stuff and get to fighting. Well most tabletop games carry ALOT of baggage. Building & painting, binders of rules & stats, ect... Well about 5 months ago i found a game that just blew me away. Mec
  7. Playing with other peoples money can be fun... Playing with other peoples taxes can be really fun... Letting someone who's been a real JACKASS all year sweat thinking hes getting slammed with a half million dollar fine when we actually fixed the problem 2 weeks ago is fucking GREAT! Don't piss of the payroll people, we control your livelyhood
  8. I really feel for ya, Mac's as gaming machines just cant get the support needed to not want to throw yourself in a woodchipper. Games debut late a shell and once they do 90% of the time their support dies off and their left to rot.
  9. Yeah D2 Kicked ass and the LoD expansion was a very nice addon. Diablo series as a whole is an absolute timeless classic.
  10. Ok, Junkers got the right of it. Heres a link to a rundown on Ed Gein and his crimes. One Disturbing Fucker This boy was king of the nutjobs. Still eager to see the new movie though, Looks to be quite the presentation.
  11. I'm looking forward to seeing the new Texas Chainsaw massacre, it looks fantastic. And for that extra lil bit of creepyness, Remember folks... The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a True story. I'll see if i can find the original news story...
  12. Ahh, all is right in the world now....
  13. We clawed our way into the playoffs with a wildcard victory. We beat all the favorites on our way to the championship. We won 3 in a row to win the championship. We took on the 26 world series in yankees back to their home... ...AND WHOOPED THEIR ASS FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. This was a great year for the Marlins. Couldn't have been a better team to win it all.
  14. Bloody Tom Flint here! Arr... Swasher of buckles extrordinare!
  15. Wow... No replies and only 2 views that were both mine. Even my Gemstone posts at least got an obligatory flame from Chiefy. This mean the Text RPG is more popular than the Graphic RPF?
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