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The Man From Elysian Fields

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Caught this today as the start of a three movie binge, and this was by far the best one. The more I think about this one, the more I like it. It's one of the most mature, well-written, and well acted movies I've seen in a while. The premise could be part of a much worse movie. It's about an author who's first book is in the bargain bins and can't get a second book deal to save his life. He's approached by a mysterious man in a bar (A surprisingly great performance by Mick Jagger) and finds himself working for an escort service to provide for his family. A line in the movie tells us though, that premises are allowed to be rediculous, and it proves its point. It's perfectly written, the dialogue, the characters, everything about the script is fucking great. It's funny, sad, and very real. Most movies of this sort are just big balls of melodrama, but this one really avoids it. Casts dont get much better than this either, Andy garcia gives his best performance ever, I think. I'm not gonna bother going on about this one. I'll just say that if you get the chance to see it at all, catch it immediately. It's not playing in many places and it'll be out of theaters soon, but hunting it down is really really worth it.

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