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Symphony X - The Odyssey

Reverend Jax

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A tried to start getting people to review albums in the music section, just like people (mostly Junker) review movies in the movies section, by getting the ball rolling by reviewing Toxicity. Well, it didn't take off, and there wasn't much I could do as I listen to mostly old music and felt stupid reviewing Rorn To Run or Wish You Were Here. So here I am and I've gotten my first new album since Toxicity:




Symphony X is a band of neo-symphonic speed metal, and genre of which there is a pretty small following, but is full of lots of talented bands, such as Blind Guardian and Savatage (whom some might know better as their alter-ego, The Trans-Siberian Orchestra). I'm a big fan of Symphony X, particularly their 3rd album, The Divine Wings Of Tragedy, and their 5th album, V: The New Mythology Suite, so I was pysched about their new album. I've listen to it once through now, while I'm not sure if it will have the same replay value for me as the previously mentioned two albums, I like it alot, particularly the 25 minute title track, a musical interpretation of Homer's Epic. Anyway, check it out if this sounds liek the kinda music you can get into, but check out stuff from their other two albums first.


Anyway, hope to see some new album reviews.

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