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Space Pirate Captain Harlock


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<cite class="e company">Toei</cite> presented an English-narrated international teaser trailer for its tentatively titled <cite class="e anime">Space Pirate Captain Harlock</cite> computer-graphics film on Thursday evening, and various news sources updated their articles on the project to include the teaser.




In <cite class="e person">Leiji Matsumoto</cite>'s original 1977-79 manga, the title character rebels against Earth's inept government and fights for humanity with his crew of 40 aboard the invincible space battleship <cite class="e anime">Arcadia</cite>. The manga inspired a 1978-1979 television anime series, a few features, and the sequel <cite class="e anime">Arcadia of My Youth: Endless Orbit SSX</cite>.

Writer <cite class="e person">Harutoshi Fukui</cite> (<cite class="e anime">Mobile Suit Gundam UC</cite> novels, live-action <cite>Bōkoku no Aegis</cite>) reconstructed the story to reflect the themes of modern society, and <cite class="e person">Shinji Aramaki</cite> (<cite class="e anime">Appleseed</cite>) is directing with the latest filmmaking technology in the style of a Hollywood production. This film has <cite class="e company">Toei Animation</cite>'s highest production budget ever at the equivalent of over 30 million U.S. dollars.

The film will open in Japan this fall.

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