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  1. Welcome back man. Hondo's is always beter when you're around

  2. Wee!! It's good to see you around again :D <3 How's the family?!

  3. How's the new addition boogie, hope all's well

  4. I hope things with the family are going well!! We miss you! <3

  5. hey boogie hope all goes well hun, love to wife and new baby xx

  6. hehe, nope you didnt pull that put of your ass. Espoo is a city here in Finland and its next to Helsinki. I live in Turku, 120 km south west from Helsinki.

  7. Shit, you know, he told me, but damned if I remember where now... I think it was Epsoo (do you pronounce it Eps-Oh?? If you do, then that's where, lol). I think he mentioned something about Helsinki, but I can't remember if that is really what he said or of I pulled that out of my ass somewhere, lol. Or seen it mentioned before. Where abouts in Finland are you?? (I'll have to ask him w

  8. Thanks man! To tell you the truth I aint nervous yet. But then again, Im not the once getting opened up :P

    Ill remember to post a pic or two when I've got time.

  9. Really?? Where does the son of your manager lives? Sweden??

  10. good look next week man, hope everything goes well and be sure to post up a pic of the little one

  11. When my manager retires he's moving to Finland to be closer to his son. Everytime he talks about it I think of you!

  12. Holaaaaaaaaa!!! no me dijistes que te habĂ­as registrado en Hondos!

    Espero que te guste este foro...


  13. Another competitor for Best Avatar...damn Skeet, encouraging like that...Optimus never gets the appreciation he deserves. Good too see you (back, and in general). ^_^

  14. welcome back man

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