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  1. I fucking hated it. Jesse's dad a preacher? Whaat? Jesse wanting to come back to Annvile by his own and wanting to be a Preacher? Whaaat Whaaat?? Why can we see Cassidy's eyes all the time? That was one of the most important revelations of the end! And that scene where Genesis posses Jesse? It was the most boring shiit!! It didnt have any of the power and magnificence of the comic. Why Jesse's eyes don't turn red when he uses The Word!! I hate the church mom and the fucking stupid love triangle they want to create. I hate the fact that everyone important is already in Annvile and it fe
  2. Yep, 37 is the last one by Dark Horse, and before the can negotiate the rights for the 38th, it has to come out in Japan first. But is not out yet. Im guessing we are gonna see a japanese version by summer 2016, and if we are lucky an english release by the end of 2016, if not early 2017. And yeah, i can wait that longer, i've been readin the chapters via mangafox. After volume 37 there have been 9 chapters (wich i think are enough for a new book release). And this latest chapters are a really fast read. Like 2 minutes per chapter. So, panch if you wanna get up to date, is going to take yo
  3. Anyone up to date with all the chapters released? Because shit is finally moving forward. After a mini-arc about Rickert, Guts and company have finally, after 8 years of being on that boat, reached Elf Island!!! So, i'm really excited to see what happens next. The art as always is breathtaking.
  4. After a slow start, this seasons seems to finally getting some momentum. Now i remember why i loved so much the first season. Flash nows how to introduce new villains and make them interesting enough for you to care for a while. Zoom is really well done and looks total badass. Not being familiar with the comic version, i must say, this Zoom is the greatest villain Flash ever confronted.
  5. Same here. And that ending was pretty good IMHO.
  6. Episode 5 was, for me, the best of this season so far.
  7. I'm going to wait to see what kind of feedback it gets. It look promising tough. I think i'm going to get it around the beginning of 2016. I'm more interested in the Steam link.
  8. So, besides watching the 80's/90's cartoons, and reading some of the early comics books (All the Lee numbers to the first coming of Galactus) and watching both old movies im not a big FF fan. I like them enough. But is there something i missed? Like in the Ultimate universe o recent reboots? Because last time I checked johnny and sue storm were brothers. So unless johnny is adopted i dont see how that shit could fly now.
  9. A friend recommended this to me and after finishing the first season I can say it was entertaining. The season finale seemed weak to me. Ended like any other episode. The revelations about the master being more strong that they actually thought, were kinda obvious. Then again, i never read the book. Should i? Anyways, it was nice to see Del Toro's touch plastered all around the setting of the series. I'll follow season 2, because why not?
  10. I could've been posting more often here, but im a lazy fuck. For me this show was the best of the season. Each episode was great and it never got tedious or too romantic like Arrow. The finale was a great nerdgasm teasing things like the Flash museum or showing Garrick's helmet. Im eagerly awaiting next season.
  11. This movie was great! And screw all the people saying it sends some kind of women propaganda. BTW wasnt Mel gibson supposed to made a cameo or something?
  12. The pilot leaked a few hours ago. Im watching it right now. I will come back to post what i thought of it... maybe
  13. Like everything im catching up with this rather late. For those of you that dont know what im talking about, is simple. A kinda fucked up video, that looks like every anime lover/ Otaku wet dream, and it will give you seizures if you are not used to it, but looking past the first impression is a rather deep critique to japanese youth and addictive behavior. You can watch it here: http://vimeo.com/113998423 If anyone know where i can find a translation for the lyrics, it will be aprecciated.
  14. Maybe someone noticed before maybe not, and I know better than to trust what the writer of tv shows want to make us believe. Im watching season 4 of Sons of Anarchy currently and one of the main plots is the FBI trying to get samcro or Gallindo cartel behind bars. As usual the FBI is portrayed like this pieces of shit cops who are no better than the "evil ones" that they are trying to capture. Shitting on peoples lives and destroying anyone who gets in their way, innocent or not. This made me remember that a very similar scenario was going on for years on The Sopranos with Adriana La cerva (C
  15. I want to get the manga volumes before watching the anime of Stardust Crusaders. Is a silly thing I know, but i prefer to read it first and then watch it and compare it. Im really anxious for the release of Jojo's part 1 and 2 next year by Viz. In case anyone is wandering about the title of this anime I give you: The Squirrel Scence.
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