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Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle


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Fatty Arbuckle was one of the most prominent, and bulbous, figures in the silent film era. He is widely regarded by scholars as the Tom Skerritt of his time, raking in money hand over fist and ham over egg.




His particular brand of oafishness involved many sight gags and incredulous facial expressions. In 1921, he suffered second degree burns on his butt while shooting a film, and started the "fat guy gets burned on his ass and doesn't care for it" comedy trope that we've all grown to love.




During his recovery from his bout of posterior inflammation, he was quite the man about town. During a particularly raucous party he met a young lady named Virginia Rappe, and he shoved a Coke bottle in her pussy.


It broke.


She died.





The laughter had turned to bees, and they had stingers full of scandal.




There followed a clown car full of loose lips that accused him of everything from brutal rape to innocent cum soaked orgies. Over the course of three trials, Fatty Boombalatty was eventually cleared of criminal charges. But the children would never look at him the same way again. His films were banned, his tummy tum tum was blacklisted from even the most mildly perverted of Hollywood shindigs.


He died of a heart attack at the age of 46. Some say it was because his heart was, indeed, broken by the careless gossip of ne'er do wells.

But it was probably because he was fat.

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