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I'm surprised noone is discussing this. It's a fun 4v1 monster hunter type deal(no Maldron, not that Monster Hunter) that reminds me a lot of the Genesis version of Jurassic Park- giving you the choice of playing as the monster or one of four character classes.


I rented it for the weekend after being hyped, then jerked around with beta access for PS4- I haven't gotten to play a whole lot over the weekend but completed a few tutes and some SP missions.


Obviously the model is keyed to multiplayer- this is something I would be all over as a regular crew game either LAN or online- but it has a surpisingly sophisticated SP set up as well, with missions taking place over a five day series of events where various combinations of wins/losses create new variables in the form of handicaps and advantages for yourself as monster or hunter.


If anyone else is playing it let me know cause I'd really dig playing this with other people, the set-up creates more of a team feel than anytrhing else I've played MP-wise. The rental has guaranteed my purchase for PS4 but it's all a matter of finding time...

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