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Rabbit-proof Fence

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Whoa, Phillip Noyce (Patiot games, clear and present danger, the saint) has pulled a spielberg and apparently directed two of the better movies of this year(This one, and "The quiet american" baes on the Graham Greene novel). There's nothing really fancy about Rabbit-proof fence, it's just a good story. After the Australians colonized the continent, and took it away from the aboriginal, they mandated that all "Half-Caste" children (children that were half caucasian, half aboriginal) were to be under the "protection" of the australian government, essentially stolen from their families. This one is based on a very true story about three girls that are taken away form their tribe, and try to get back home. The fact that home is a 1,500 mile walk poses a bit of a problem.


None of the children are trained actors, and it sort of shows sometimes, but the dialogue is pretty sparse, and their faces speak volumes, so I think it was a great choice. Thankfully, despite being an action director, Noyce doesn't turn this into an action-chase movie. It's an outrage that aboriginal children had been stolen from their familes till as recently as 1970, and ity's really amazing what the girls in the movie went through. So, if you see this one playing somewhere (it was a 40 minute drive for me), try and catch it, it's a great story, and that's why we go to the movies, aint it?

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