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Comic Book Price Guides & Grading

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So, I'm looking into selling some of my comic book collection and started checking online for priceguides and am not coming up with much as far as online guides go. I found http://comicspriceguide.com and set up an account, but it seems like prices are not so accurate/current when compared to e-bay auctions.


I'm seeing Overstreet is still publishing a guide, but I was wondering what guides, if any, the comic book collecting Hondonian is using currently. I'd rathe rnot plunk down $20+ for a current Overstreet guide as the whole point of selling this stuff is to make room in my house and make a little money.


Also, this CGC grading system is crazy. I never had to fuck with that back in the day because I generally wouldn't sell/buy/trade anything more than $20. I mean, looking at differences in prices from a 9.2 to a 9.6 is pretty drastic but I don't see how it's worth it to get some of these lesser issue graded.


For instance, using the comicspriceguide.com rating a 9.4 copy of Uncanny X-Men #382 (Bishop's first appearance) is $12 "raw," which I'm guessing means no professional grading done. And the max "raw" value" of the comic is $24 for a flwless, "gem" quality copy. However, if you have the same issue graded at a 9.4 the value doubles to $24 somehow. And forget about getting this issue graded above a 9.4--now you're talking about you're $10 comic possibly being valued at $70-$360. So that $15 CGC grading fee seems like a gamble worth taking. Until you go over to ebay and see ain't nobody paying over $20 for that damn book. I saw one poor fool actually sent this off to CGC and had it graded at a 9.4. Fool charging $69. smh.

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