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The story is initially set in a city called "The Hole" where humans are often preyed on by magic-users, who appear in the city via doorways they conjure which enable them to cross from their world to the human world. The magic-users use the hapless humans as test subjects for their magic, often leaving their victims disfigured if not entirely transformed in various, usually unpleasant ways. The plot of the manga centers one such victim, named Caiman, and his search for his real identity; his transformation by a magic-user left him with a reptile's head and no memory of his former life. Along with his female friend Nikaido, he violently assaults magic-users in the Hole, with the aim of taking their heads into his mouth, where a strange face will appear and confirm whether the magic-user he has bitten onto was the one responsible for his transformation or not.






Just finished the first volume of this and I love the hell out of it. It's crazy violent, has a cool world, and the artwork goes from extremely detailed to frantic and crude, giving it a nice sense of action. Really fun stuff so far though.

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