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I'm sure most of you are aware this game exists but I wanted to draw attention to it because its far better than I expected. Conan Exiles takes the promise of a game like Ark but with severely reduced jank, much better polish and a level of world building and environmental storytelling/direction that actually makes base building, exploration, and resource gathering worthwhile. If you can get past the latent racism that existed in most 1930s pulp literature (you can tell Howard and Lovecraft chatted) that comes with the Conan universe, the core experience of Conan Exiles is very good. My partner started a private server we've been playing on with some other friends and its just immensely fun even as we're only doing PvE. From a monetization standpoint, while htey have had the seemingly obligatory season pass like most game these days, they announce in advance the names of the DLCs and vaguely what's in htem at the start. Standalone these DLCs are aobut $10 a piece, I think its about $30 for the Season pass which gets yous 4 of them. The year 2 pass just wrapped up. That said the handling of DLC content on a server is nice in that someone who has the DLC can craft a weapon or armor and give it to people without it. The person without will just have to rely on the DLC owner to make repairs and such which lines up with the other systems generally, where you have ot have the tech progression feat for a thing before you can repair it yourself. As far as the contents of DLC, its typically a mix of some new building tiles (styles), some new armors and weapons which are largely cosmetic rather than cleanly "better" than core content. If the DLC introduces a major new thing like the most recent adding mounts and mounted combat. These are added to the base game for everyone as a feature update, but the DLC gets you more breeds of horses you can skin your horse as as well as more styles of saddle and barding. Anyway, if you have it from Humble Bundle last year or just want to give it a shot. I highly recommend Conan Exiles. Its enjoyable in a way a lot of games haven't been for me in quite some time. Just FYI, be ready to die. A lot.

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