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The Magdelene Sisters

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Saw this at my local indie cinema. It is a true story about Catholic women in Ireland (I think 1930's or so but can't really remember) who if considered impure, e.g. childbirth before marriage, getting themselves raped, were sent to a sort of prison run by nuns, made to do slave labour and generally demeaned.


Very depressing movie but amazingly acted. It follows round 4 main women but is a story of the whole Magdelene institution. It features the most horrific haircut scene ever (more blood than hair!) and is shocking to believe something like this really happened. In many ways it is a triumphant movie with the women trying their best to escape, but it is also a deeply sad movie with women being seperated from their babies just after childbirth and sent to the prison until their families wished fro them back.


If you thought Sister Act was an accurate portrayal of nuns I wouldn't recommend this, it'll scar you forever. Not sure if it'll get a wide release but keep a look out.

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