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  1. I came long after you left, but you're one of the few people I've seen preaching love for Chris Ware, Dan Clowes and Pekar (among others). I agree with nearly everything you say. Come back plz. K. Thx.


  3. Ok, now we got an actual Economics (sub)forum, you gotta come back now man.

  4. MLB! Where did you go?!?! We miss you.

  5. I still owe you ju-on! Where did you go?

  6. YAAAAAAY! You're back :D

  7. Lizard said he'd bring you back, and he never made it back himself. Fuck did you do to him?!

  8. Oh my god please I'm gonna die laughing. Haha, graduation songs forum. Whoopee, haha Seriously tho...killer tunes. Especially Kelly Clarkson...whoopee
  9. Yeah the main-story TPBs finished a while ago. There was a new TPB released fairly recently, I think it has some shorts in, perhaps the ones you are talking about IC. The Hunter S. Thompson/Spider comparison hadn't escaped me. Will look at the end again when I'm back in the UK.
  10. Damn hilarious. I know its why I joined
  11. Anyway, glad to see this topic back to the forefront.
  12. Dude, the devil was cool. Yeah he was camp, but some good dialogue and acting I thought. Dammit I liked it.
  13. Back in England when I've had croquettes they've been made out of potatoes (not meat) so they are practically the same thing
  14. Yah I'm pretty sure. Certainly look the same.
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