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  1. I came long after you left, but you're one of the few people I've seen preaching love for Chris Ware, Dan Clowes and Pekar (among others). I agree with nearly everything you say. Come back plz. K. Thx.


  3. Ok, now we got an actual Economics (sub)forum, you gotta come back now man.

  4. MLB! Where did you go?!?! We miss you.

  5. Had my DS Lite for a while now, and while I'm not glued to it, I do love picking it up now and again. Highlights for me are Mario Kart (effortless wireless racing on Mario Kart is a little slice of heaven), Phoenix Wright, New Super Mario Bros, 42 All-Time Classics and Yoshi's Island 2. Also meant i gave my little sister my white brick original GameBoy, which she loves. Everyone's happy.
  6. Was hoping I'd find a thread about the console wars. I've never owned a console (PC and Gameboy only - now upgraded to DS Lite, and had access to a PS2 in Boston) and am now thinking of remedying that. My parent's got my sister a Wii for Christmas, and while I love it I think I'm looking for something that I can play Guitar Hero and the new GTA on. Plus I have a DS Lite for all my Nintendo needs. Price is an issue, athough not the most important, so am swaying towards the XBOX 360. However, the PS2 so roundly beat the XBOX, will the PS3 not do the same to the 360? I agree with
  7. Irish - thanks very much. Loads of great comics out at the mo. Biggest disappointment recently has been 30 Days of Night - picked up the first trade on someones recommendation and I was pretty let down. The pacing in it is horrible, the great art aside. Daniel Clowes needs to hurry up and release another Eightball, the latest one about Death-Ray was my favourite thing he's written. Can't say I liked From Hell, although I did only read it the once, so perhaps should go for it again. As for Watchmen, I agree. Read it twice and the second time enjoyed it that much more. Similarly, Danie
  8. Definitely holds up well to the books. Dealing with Roland backstory at the mo, can't wait to see where it goes from there. Would like to see an artists impression of Susannah, Eddie, Jake and, of course, Oy.
  9. I still owe you ju-on! Where did you go?

  10. YAAAAAAY! You're back :D

  11. The rhythm is a dancer has been running through my head most of the day.
  12. Now that I'm a working man, I've been spending much more on comics. Here's a selection of what I've been devouring last few months: 100 Bullets Crazy organised crime/noir tale of the real people who run America Walking Dead Best zombie story available - bar none Invincible Not a superhero comics fan, but loving this twist on the genre. DMZ Second American civil war, seen through the eyes of a rookie journalist and his frineds in manhattan. Essential. Y: The Last Man Last Man on earth. Looking for girlfriend. Great. Dark T
  13. Now two issues in. I wasn't sure what I was expecting. So far there has been nothing new storywise (I think?), but the artwork is great, and the source material is great, so two enthusiastic thumbs up so far. Kind of curious to see what they can fit into only 7 issues though - believe this is the length of the run. Something new would be great, although the Wizard and the Glass Roland backstory is pretty long. Anyone else been reading this?
  14. **Waves hands at the back** I've been following this one from trade 1, awesome awesome stuff. One of the best character-driven comics around in my opinion - love how the zombies are little more than a back-drop and are a lot less dangerous than half the characters. A more regular release schedule would be welcomed though.
  15. Lizard said he'd bring you back, and he never made it back himself. Fuck did you do to him?!

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