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    i'm nicer in real life. honest.

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    if it's good, i probably like it. even if it's bad, i probably like it. i draw the line at j lo and kevin costner though. god forbid they do a movie together. i think my head would explode.
  1. i feel like tarantino is the only person who knows how to use waltz properly in a movie.
  2. i'll be watching mainly b/c it was filmed a few blocks from my condo and in the neighborhood that i party in, which was cool. the way they transformed it was pretty amazing. yaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!
  3. we can prepare for the rapture together. it will be glorious.
  4. <a href="http://www.myheritage.com/collage" title="MyHeritage.com - free family trees, genealogy and face recognition" alt="MyHeritage.com - free family trees, genealogy and face recognition" target="_blank"><img src="http://storage.myheritagefiles.com/Z/storage/site1/files/49/19/41/491941_3567402cj2f58p5ak6434p.JPG" width="500" height="574" border="0" ></a> oldmaaaaaan!
  5. Bully I cried and cried but it was very powerful.
  6. hahahaha! YES! that was fucking AWESOME! i love rated R joss.
  7. no. also, the less you know going in, the better.
  8. is ricky williams still pursuing medical school? i seriously love the shit out of him...he just does whatever the fuck he feels like doing at the time. there never seems to be a whole lot of planning involved.
  9. amended. totally agree with all of those points, especially #1.
  10. what i meant is that i'm excited about beatrix kiddo being michonne's real name.
  11. yeah, i'm that way too but honestly i thought the farm was the most boring part of the comic so i decided to skip it and wait for the prison and/or michonne.
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