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Dan Sartain, RIP


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Most of you won't have heard of this guy, but I turned some Hondonians on to his music so I wanted to post about it here. Criminally ignored by the press and the rock scene in life, and only slightly better known in death, Dan Sartain died earlier this year. A true American original, even if made from old parts, I'm grateful not just for his own work but the otherwise forgotten classics he brought to my attention by preaching for his idols and wearing his influences on his sleeves, from the Dead Milkmen to the Geto Boys to Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers. I also had the chance to meet him a few times over the years, after shows and once hosting him when I was promoting a show for him in Manchester, UK. He died by suicide, like how virtually every dead person I've known has died, the warnings were always there. The world lost a wise and troubled talent like no other, even if it didn't realise it had him in the first place. 


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