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I had a birthday recently, and for the first time in years, people actually gave me money.  I have birthday money!  Woohoo!  And i want to spend it on Anime.  but how do I get the most bang for my buck?  I'm looking at:

* Cowboy Bebop - 6 disk Coll.'s Ed. box set (about the same price as the seperate discs)


* Serial Experiments Lain - 4 disk set or 4 seperate disks(oddly cheaper seperately)


* Ranma 1/2 1st season box set (4 DVDs)  (pretty cheap compared to the VHS prices)


*Fushigi Yugi - 2nd season- on VHS if I can find it, or DVD maybe, but the box set is so overpriced.



So?  Any suggestions?  I love bebop.  Really love it.  So it ranks sentimentally.  lain is a series I started watching but never finished, and no one in vista verde has been very helpful with that so far, so I may have to buy it if I ever want to see the end.  Ranma I've read the first ten manga volumes of, so it would be nice to have, but may be repetitious.  Fushigi Yugi I have the 1st season VHS box set, so I'll want to see the second season soon, but I'm not sure I want to spend 200 bucks on the dvd box set.  Anyone know any good online places to shop for anime?



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Hey Athena! Thank you for posting and starting a new topic!! Atleast I know someone is still interested in writing in here.


Anyways there are a lot of places you can buy anime, but for cheap... that's another story. The only place I can suggest where they might sell them a little cheaper is a little store in Dolphin Mall. It's called ... I don't remember but I know where it is. It's infront of the glow store and the ice cream shoppe. This is by the entrance of the theater and Dave and Busters. I can't gurantee that they will have everything you are looking for but most of the one's you have mentioned now I do recall seeing. I know I've seen Cowboy Beebop and the Ranma set. ( My boyfriend bought it there). I also saw Lain there before. Now Fushi I haven't seen. And another thing is that they only sell DVD's. Other store's I can tell you are Alternate Dimensions ( you can rent anime there), Anime Hurricane ( which you should know where it is), and Ebay!!


Actually I think Ebay is your best shot at finding cheap anime! I hope I helped you; even if it's just a little! :D

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