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This is a cool movie that came out a little over a year ago staring John Ritter, Sigourney Weaver, Bebe Neuwirth:




::Spoilers Ahead (in white)::


's about a really really smart 15 year old who all the girls like, all of whom he couldn't care less for (probably why they like him so much, that's that's besides the point). He's in love, with his stepmother. So, while home on thanksgivign break, he decides to make his move, but instead ends up getting drunk and sleeping with his stepmother's best friend. Anyway, it sort of gets you thinkign that it's a dry intellectual comedy, but it's really not. It's clever, but still full of real emotions and genuine embarassing moments everyone can enjoy. I recommedn ti to anyone who has enjoyed any of the recent coming of age movies with really inteligent protagonists (Igby Goes Down, Donniew Darko, etc).

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