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Ayashi No Ceres

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I've decided to start this new topic because of the fact that nobody has really posted in this part of the forum for a while.


I also wanted to inform those of you that have never heard of this anime what it's about.


Ayashi no Ceres is also known as " Ceres Celestial Legend". Atleast that is what they call it here in america. Based on the comics of Yu Watase (also known for Fushigi Yugi) this anime is basically about a girl named Aya and her twin brother Aki separated because of an ancient legend. Her family is trying to get her killed because of a spirit that lives inside this poor 16 year old girl.


I love this anime for the reason being that anyone can watch this anime. It has romance, nudity, blood, death, and many other numerous features.


I still haven't finished watching the whole series. I'm collecting it little by little.  I just thought all of you should know. Especially for those that are too sshy to ask about anime!! :D

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I'm adding this to the top description because I was too tired to finish typing last night!


Apart from the main descrioption, there is a mysterious character in this anime that has no memory of his past. He is hired to watch over Aya so that one day they may take her for experiments. But this mysterious man is slowly falling in love with Aya and can't do anything about it.


The woman she currently lives with was also born with Ceres in her. The only difference between the two is that Aya's is much more powerful. Her Ceres can't be controlled.


I don't want to say anything else about the anime because I don't think it would be nice for me to spoil the rest for you guys. But it really is an awesome anime. Everyone should watch it!!! :approve:  :approve:  :approve:

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I've got two of the manga, but I've never seen the show. I hate the way the name was translated... My Japanese teacher (authentic Japanese, therefore she knows what she is talking about) was present when I bought the manga and she translated the title to "Strange Ceres." "Ayashi no Seresu" doesn't even remotely translate to "Ceres Celestial Legend," and quite frankly, I think that name is stupid.  :dissappointed:


But I'm glad you reminded me that the anime exists. I want to buy the DVDs whenever I get money again.  :p

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Yeah I prefer the Japenese name as well. I never say the whole thing. I always say Ceres for short. And American's are always messing up the translations to all of the anime I've evr seen. So that's no surprise to me.


And when you do start watching the dvd's, first watch it with the audio in japanese with the sub-titles, then watch the dubbed version. Aya's voice is so squeaky!! And annoying too!

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:D I will lend it to you on one condition; you don't let the pussy touch it.  :sneaky:  If you do then your Jubei will be punished. :D Anyways, your boyfriend still has my Inuyasha. You can take it... but remember  :angry: I will find out if she touches my DVDs!


:D Have a nice day!

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Ceres is another one that I watched a while back. It was totally awesome until the anime ended abruptly with what felt like an ending that left you hanging. I haven't read the manga, but dammit if I am going to rewatch this at some point I'm going to need to get my hands on it...

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