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Blue Seed


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So yeah what do you think about Blue Seed? And no SOF it is not a women friendly thing its more like an everyone can in joy thing. Its funny,there is big monsters, action....and much more....Omake omake omake...... :D

Reason for this post is to see what you think about it....If you have any question on what its about feel free to ask...

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I love this anime for the simple fact that is almost every other episode atleast one character needs to know what kind of animal underwear Momiji (the main character) is wearing. It's actually really funny how Sango and I found out about this anime. I had seen it at the store and she saw the preview but she didn't like it. Then we decided to rent it and our first impression of just the first 4 episodes was " AAAHHHAAAHHHH". All they do in the beginning is scream. But it's a really good story line and I highly recommend it. :D


* Espeically because of the Omake theaters!!!

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::dances around::




ok I am going to go Watch some blue seed now I hope I don't get inturrupted this time.... :plain:




:::Shameless plug:::


Come kick up your feet let down your hair and relax in the Taps of life in the Druken Bar.....where the men are nice and the glasses are clean... where the drinks are sweet and there are umbrellas in ur drink... where the wine flows like water and (yes we serve water) the people know your name...in The Taps Of Life....


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