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This one's for all you hong kong action fans.  This movie rocked, directed VERY stylishly by Tsui hark, a god among directors, right below john woo for me.  This one is pretty recent, but it rekindled some of that old school john woo magic in the combat scenes, especially towards the end.  The story is confusing, and half the time you dont know which character is doing what and why, but by the end you'll have everything straight in your head and the story is decent... but the story isn't why we watch these.  The action scenes are badass.  A bunch of cool, veyr odd camera angles, great stunts, and a hell of a lot of flashy special effects are what made it worth watching.  Hark should do more movies like this, I think.  I've never seen anything this stylish by him.  He just needs to get the whole storytelling thing down because they explain very little in the movie, and sometimes you dont even know who is who.  Overall just badass tho.

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