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Review of Jane's Addiction's Strays

Reverend Jax

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Jane's Addiction is back. Strays came out last Tuesday (July 22nd). I've only given each track one listen (except Just Because, which has been on the radio for a month or so), but my initial reaction is "This sounds just like Nothing's Shocking and Ritual De Lo Habitual." A great, solid mix of all those elements that made Jane's Addiction so strange in the late eighties and early ninties, songs reministane of 'Standing In The Shower...Thinking' and 'Stop'. I'm sure than with a few more listens, I'll be singing along.


And for anyone whose seen them preforming recently on a talk show or something, Perry is definitely trying to be Freddie Mercury. He's gone from this:


sq-perry_mic_n_hair-wbr.gif and 21.gif


only 6 years ago, to this now:


perry1.JPG and _38217376_perry_farrell150.jpg


Now that is Freddie Mercury wannabeism if I've ever seen it. He's a mustache away from being a body double.

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