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Audioslave self titled debut review

Reverend Jax

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Well, I kinda avioded listening to this for a while becaus eof my first impression of the debut single, Cochise. I thought it sounded like the combination of Rage and Soundgarden, but without the elements that made either band great. But I'v eenjoyed Like A Stone alot and so I've given the album a few spins. There are some songs where it's obviously Cornell is at the helm with Show Me How To Like, which sounds alot liek Rusty Cage (the first song of Soundgarden's 1991 album, Badmotorfinger) and then there's songs like Light My Way that is, instrumentally, every Rage song ever. None of these songs can be like Rage songs cause Chris Cornell couldn't sing or write lyrics like Zach De La Roche, even if he wanted to, which he doesn't. But the Rage boys play some stuff on par with Soundgarden at times.


If you like Soundgarden, regardless of your feelings about Rage, this should be your type of album. If you like Rage, but not Soundgarden, (and what you really like about Rage is the politics and the rapping/singing of De La Roche) then it's not likely you'll like this album much, but download Light My Way anyhow.

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