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Training Day review


spiffytee ||10-15-2001| |02:24 AM| |spiffytee@hotmail.com||

This is a refreshing new type of movie, dealing with the corruption on the streets of a rough neighborhood.  Where are you gonna draw the line?  out of 10, i give it a 7.5.

PS I am extraordinarily gay.  It's time I be honest with you all. I love the cock.

PPS My recent confession has little or nothing to do with Irish Cowboy's new moderation ability.  I am simply gay.[ October 15, 2001: Message edited by: The Irish Cowboy]


Irish Cowboy ||10-15-2001| |08:43 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

No! Not edited! ...Crap.



training day: corruption on the streets? mmmmmmm........ refreshing u say? well its certinly seem like an original concept..cant say i have ever seen a movie dealing with this kind of thing before...


yahve ||10-20-2001| |09:26 PM|

Corruption on the streets? Oh my.  What has the world come to.  No I don't believe it.  This must be one of those fancy life imitating art imitating life ficticious accounts.  Our good ol boys in blue are true heros.  They know not the meaning of corruption.  We pay them good money too take a blind eye to money, power and women.  They don't need these little trinkets.  They feel great pleasure from the joys of helping fellow man.  This is a vile slander of a movie to America's best.  I propose a boycott of this filth.  Who joins me?! *bites lip*


Irish Cowboy ||10-20-2001| |11:46 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

damn...America's become so cynical of its own law enforcement, ya gotta look to Del Toro in Traffic - A mexican cop - for honesty, even a hint of altruism.  That...that's somethin.

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