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After 3do's bankruptcy, it seemed like one of the best racing games ever concieved would never be. In an effort to recover the money they lost, 3do put up all their franchises for auction and SRS was snatched by none other than namco. Before 3do went under, SRS was to shake the foundation of street racing games forever. It features licensed street cars that are fully customizable with real life aftermarket parts from well known companies, from the chrome rims to engine parts and exhaust. It also has body kits to alter the exterior of your car. Not to mention the fact that you can paint your car however you want and add whatever decals you want. Now that's just the cars. The game also features real life cities including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Miami. The streets are open ended like GTA so you can literally go anywhere. The fun doesn't stop there though. There is also a story mode in which you have to build up your credibility amongst the other drivers in order to race them. You can race for money, parts, cars, or even your girls (seriously). In this game however, women aren't just trophies like in other games. You actually have to take them out and spend time with them. There will even be times where you will have to choose between racing or taking your girl out and keeping her happy. How's that for an illegal street racer?

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