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School of Rock put a huge smile on my face. This movie WILL give you an appreciation for the power of rock, if you don't have one already. What could have been a decent little movie about a band full of kids is an absolute classic in the hands of Jack Black (Tenacious D, High Fidelity) and director Richard Linklater (Slacker, Waking life, Dazed and Confused).


Jack Black plays a guy who is bumming out at his friends apartment and making no money. He gets kicked out of the band essentially because he rocks too hard, and his live theatrics bother his band members. Forced to get a job, he poses as a substitute teacher at a realy posh, expensive prep school. Eventually he listens to the kids play in music class and decides to forge them into a rock band.


And these kids are amazing. It makes all the diffrence in the world that they cast real musicians. These kids can fuckin play. It's a joy to see em bust out with crazy solos and great songs throughout the movie. They got great performances out of them too. There are almost 15 kids and after the hour and a half I knew each one of em. That is some great writing and acting.


And then there's Jack Black. It's his movie, and his rabid, shameless love for rock and roll that makes it. And he's funny as hell, one of the only people that can get away with such over the top humor, cause he means it.


And that's why this movie works. It is absolutely earnest. The kids are realistic and damned well written, it never abandons it's focus on the music to bore us with too many subplots about romance or family or any crap like that, and of course, the music itself is great. Along with a "who's who" of classic rock soundtrack, The band plays 3 or 4 really cool songs fueled by the kids' skills and Black's humor, ending with an awesome jam session during the credits.


I absolutely loved school of rock. I don't see any reason why this movie shouldn't be remembered for years to come as a Comedy/musical/coming of age classic. You need to see it now, and take your siblings, this is essentially a family movie, and it's perfect to convert your pop-obsessed brothers and sisters to the greatness of ACDC and Zepplin.



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