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Mystic River is the kind of movie that fuckin sneaks up on you. I was sittin there for the first hour or so just watchin and about halfway through I kind realized that it had me. I think it was the first time I just conciously realized, and was surprised that that I couldn't look away from the screen. Similarly, it ends, and I kind of dont know what to think, except that I know I liked it because of the aforementioned incapacity to not pay attention, but then I kind of think about it, and I really liked it, and I'd see it again in a heartbeat. And it's not cause it had a usual suspects kind of twist, or because I didn't understand something. I'd see it again because I think there's more in there. There was just a depth to this one that makes you feel like you've only scratched the surface by seein it once.


As far as it's individual elements go, the writing and directing are top notch. Eastwood is about as subtle as a director gets. The movie has a definite look though. Whoever Eastwood's Cinematographer was for this one he should stick with, cause the shadows and lighting were great, but in no way overbearing. And the writing was great too. Eastwood's talent is in adding a little texture and meaning to already good scripts. Give him shit to work with and you'll get shit right back, I think Blood Work proved that. But I'd seriously consider reading the book this one is based on.


The acting goes without saying. Tim Robbins, Seab Penn, Laurence Fishbourne, Kevin Bacon, all give great performances. They have very real characters to work with and the acting was at least half of the reason I was so hooked I think.


But anyways, I liked this one. I didn't walk out of the theater beaming, but it kinda got under my skin and it'll probably stay there for some while.

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